Q&A – Prides

I’ve been obsessed with a band called Prides recently, I mean addicted.

I told you about their mixtape recently. I had the opportunity to ask them a few little questions, here’s what was asked and the answer given (they call it a Q&A).

Q&A - Prides

Firstly, could you introduce yourselves?

I’m Stewart, singer in Prides.

How did you all meet, and eventually get into music?

Lewis and I had been playing in bands together for years after meeting at Uni, and were looking for someone to help us play live. Callum was living with a mutual friend at the time and that’s how we were introduced.

Who has influenced your music? I hear a bit of CHVRCHES when listening to your music, it’s also very happy!

A lot of 80′s bands generally. When we started we always wanted to play pop music that had some depth to it. Bands like The Cure, Tears for Fears, Roxy Music, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, are all great examples of that. We also listen to chart music all the time, we’re big pop fans.

Where would you like to see Prides in 6 months time?

Hopefully out on the road, touring as much as possible and working towards our debut album.

If Prides could collaborate with any musician (alive) who would it be?

We’re really into Foxes right now, or maybe Thumpers. We spent some time with them at SXSW and they’re awesome.


Prides on Twitter: @PridesBand

Prides on Facebook: /PridesBand

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