Indigo Sky – A look at ‘Hide’ and other Stars in their Sky

 Indigo Sky – Chester, UK


Ever hear a band and immediately imagine where you would like to see the band play live if you had the chance?

Some bands carry the underground Punk bar vibe, and others sound at home on a small stage in a rowdy pub. Some bands produce music that you’d love to hear with a few hundred others at a local music venue, and others just carry a sound with the potential to fill an arena.

With Indigo Sky, I’m thinking late night festival main stage. Where your exhausted and drained body is mimicked by the distinctive nonchalant and spaced-out sound of Alternative Indie-Rock, where you just want to be blinded by the bright lights from the stage, be surrounded by thousands of filthy fans and have the music held back by only the open air.

It was no surprise to me then that when I saw the bands influences; ‘The Cure, Joy Division, The Libertines, Stone Roses, Editors and Radiohead’, that I was reminded of when I was in a similar state whilst seeing a couple on bands from the list.

And can anyone argue with the musical excellence in that list? Such festival favourites.

In late 2012, the guys released their first full-length album, Pretty Intentions, and soon after released their debut EP, Between Here And Where You Want To Be, both of which carry some absolute gems (which I will be sharing in this article), and both of which have a superb level of quality throughout.

And of course they would, they were produced by Marc Joy, who has worked closely with Oasis, Primal Scream… and The Saturdays.

But anyway, after some solid releases and playing gigs in cities up and down the country, it seems this five-piece is well on their way to national recognition.

But let’s take a moment to listen to their most recent tracks.

First up is their single, ‘Hide’. And we’re lucky enough to have a video.

It took me around 29 seconds to realise I was more or less sold on this track. Like 99% of Alt-Rock, it’s the guitar work that hooks you first. Just think of bands like The Strokes or The Libertines that greet you with simple distorted riffs that carry you though from beginning to end, and Indigo Sky couple theirs nicely with guitar moments that create a rise and fall that bookend the chorus.

The vocals I enjoy. Not too strong, never too shouty, but with a nice tone that was reminiscent of R.E.M’s Michael Stide. ‘You can’t hurt what you can’t find’ – the lyrics are catchy as the guitar hooks, and are definitely worthy of a crowd sing-along.

Everything combined, it all just fits and the overall product is a great track that cradles you in the verses, lifts you in the pre-choruses and makes you want to shout in the chorus.


Next up, the track ‘Hide’ has been coupled with, ‘When Are You Coming (2014 Mix)’. And after listening to Indigo Sky’s music over and over again, I find that the tracks are ending sooner than I think. And these aren’t two-minute fillers – we’re talking four to five minute, well produced songs. And this really is a credit to many of the tracks, as time really does fly by when I’m listening to them.

‘It seems I’m as naïve as I look. Got your footprints all over myself.’

Throughout, the lyrics tell a nice story of a damaged guy in a one-sided relationship with somebody he knows is the wrong person. Pretty standard, but like I say, nicely done.

I wouldn’t say I favour  ‘When are you Coming’ over ‘Hide’, because it’s just not as memorable, but what I do like is how nice it was to hear the vocals demonstrate more emotion,  and there’s a nice short solo between the bass and lead at around 2:40.

Going back in time to December 2012, and their first album, Pretty Intentions, and I have to give some recommendations for the following tracks:

‘Bones’ – There’s a couple of slower tracks on this album, but this is such a refreshing track from Indigo Sky. From the tempo to vocals to the keyboard to the acoustic, it is without a doubt my personal favourite.

Break me down. Break me into pieces. Break me into bones! Bone by bone by bone…

It’s gorgeous.

‘Roll of the Dice’ – Another one of those tracks where everything comes together beautifully, and the keyboard especially holds our hand throughout. The lyrics tell another story of a couple who contemplate taking one more gamble at the relationship for the roll of the dice. Who can’t relate to that?


Yes, big things lined up for Indigo Sky. In May the guys will be flying across the pond to play five dates in New York, and with new music in the works, I think I’m just as excited as they are.

Rumour has it their catalogue has just returned to iTunes and Spotify, but is also available on bandcamp (CLICK IT). And if you want to track their progress and get updates, follow the links to Indigo Sky’s social media pages below:

– Facebook – Indigo Sky UK

– Twitter – @IndigoSkyUk



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Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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