The Larimers – ‘The Larimers’ EP

The Larimers – Denver, Colorado, USA


Another one of our ‘group’ finds. These Denver boys are currently a three-piece that since their formation in 2013, have been working hard, evolving in sound, in members and in group dynamics. No band has ever missed the teething trouble, but in the long run it pays off as bands and fans alike will well know.

The band’s music is all available on bandcamp, including the debut EP, which is today’s primary listen and has been since I first came across it at the tail end of last year. I’ll make sure to post all relevant links later on, so you can join me in blasting said EP so loud, that someone in the far reaches of Mongolia desperately sends messages by whatever means necessary, to tell you to ‘turn it down a tad’.


I must admit, scrolling through the bands influences, I found some solid common ground.

‘Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Blink-182, Off With Their Heads, Bouncing Souls, AFI, Pennywise, NOFX, Lagwagon, The Flatliners, Strung Out, Jimmy Eat World, Frank Turner, Against Me!’

You can’t really complain with that. Plus, they do list some solid contemporary influences. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or artists then you may find something here to relate to, enjoy and nourish your music collection.

The band’s sound, as many of you would have guessed, bounds across the airwaves with a mix of melodic Punk-Rock, old-school Pop-Punk and some slower Alternative-Rock sections. Personally, I’d say Alkaline Trio are sizeable influence the band’s sound, especially the Trio’s early-to-mid material, particular the Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and From Here To Infirmary sound.

However, while we are on that subject, the band’s slower material echoes Trio’s later releases, while also showing influence from The Menzingers. In short, the influences they cite come through the exact amount needed to create familiar but fresh-iginal sound.

You heard that term coined here first folks. ALL MUST BOW BEFORE MUSICALLY FRESH! (You don’t have to.)


1. Alienated Reject – This song, has everything this release needs and it’s only the first track.

‘It’s a mind set, am I depressed? Bored of growing up a reject, is this this the long run? Watch the same TV shows, drink alone, sleep alone, go to work where I hope, one day be done.’

After a short intro, we are thrown in to fast Punk drumming and a soaring lead. Now, by this point I was anticipating a good song at best, but, oh how wrong I was! What I wasn’t ready for was the ‘fist-in-air’, pounding and anthemic chorus. The anthemic nature of Punk is one of the many reasons I love it so and after this song, that love was only intensified. After the arguably Rise Against-tinged chorus, the band up the tempo once more. Now if you didn’t already have this blasting, you should do so now.

2. Deadlines – Next stop on the anthem train, Deadlines. The low bass rumble and melancholic vocals of the intro set you up for exactly what you are expecting, but by no means negatively. The bands influences shine once more with a slight latter-day Pennywise feel to the music. The chorus in particular, much like its predecessor, leans towards a fast and anthemic Melodic Hardcore sound with backing and secondary vocals that only fuel the bands sound further into anthemic territory.

3. Offering – Offering is a more upbeat number. Showing the band’s more old-school Pop-Punk side, it fits in well with the running order. The shortest on the EP, it is what it is and it works. It even sounds a bit reminiscent of the Bouncing Souls. Fresh.


4. Too Many Times – Down tempo and on the rockier side of the spectrum, track four is just as hook-laden but a welcome change. Of course, there was nothing wrong with the previous tracks in the slightest but let’s face it, we all love a ballad-esque track from time-to-time. Good effort.

5. End This Tonight – To finish the EP, The Larimers tone it down a bit more. The powerful vocals are still present and the slow looming rhythms are just as strong as they are in the faster tracks but this time, its all set to relax. My initial thoughts upon hearing the band were how Ryan Hatfield’s vocals reminded me of Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. Said comparison is one that can be made throughout the EP but this track as well as track four, are the best examples. A great way to end.

There we have it, the debut EP by The Larimers. We at MF can safely say that this will be on our playlist for a while, as well as continuing to be on my own. 8.5/10

Find the band on Facebook and bandcamp for some oh so FREE music.

Now as a treat, here’s a live version of another track which is also available from the band bandcamp, ‘Years Past’:

Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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