No Bullshit, No Compromise – KICKFIST In Review – PLUS *TOUR DATES*

Upon listening to KICKFIST, one thing is as clear as a fist to the face; the blatant nature of their influences. These guys are well educated in metal muscle. Listing in their influences the likes of Pantera, Black Label Society and Slipknot, you get a pretty hefty impression of what you are dealing with. A vulgar display of power.

Kickfist 2

I know what your thinking, you’ve read this line a thousand times right? But what comes across in their press is a strong sense of authenticity. Whether this be through the lyrics that demonstrate the ‘real extremes of suffering’ or the frenetically volatile nature of their live show you get a strong impression of their legitimacy.

This said legitimacy is undoubtedly paralleled by their work ethic. These guys aren’t slackers. Having self-produced and manufactured their debut EP, The Violent InSanity, (including all artwork and merchandise with help from FlipTheBird Records), the determination to their cause is clear; seek and destroy!

So with the summarisation blasted through, let’s dissect this EP. Hold on to your denim and embrace the Metal. Shit’s about to get turbulent.


1. No Bullshit (No Compromise) – With the songs namesake taken from the band’s motto you get an impression of what to expect. Balls to the wall fast-paced aggression. Vocally you get the feeling (applicable to much of their work) that lead singer Zakk Zander has listened to his fair share of Guns ‘N’ Roses and Skid Row. His vocals have just the right level of grit and swagger to intoxicate you. On the whole, it’s a hell of a first charge with KICKFIST’s flag firmly in hand.

2. Watch The Fallen – This track takes the EP’s tone to a darker place. The first reserved and haunting verse draws you in uncomfortably before the barrage of dirt and riffs cascade over you.  The end of the track builds with firm intensity to a finalising crescendo of mosh-worthy brutality. The percussion is simply immense. Just listen to it. On the whole however, from this track I get a strong sense of nostalgia towards the Alice in Chains’ LP Dirt. Brooding and maleficent. Worth your time and your wonga.

Kickfist 3

3. Drown – This track follows a similar tone to that of ‘Watch The Fallen’ but with more of a slow and grinding pace. This leaves space for some devil horn-worthy guitar soloing that will make your boxers turn brown. In regard to the main guitar riff you get a strong sense of the band’s love for Industrial. It’s drawn out and riveting. Check it out.

4. Sculptor Of The Clay – It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Slipknot’s album title track ‘Iowa’ here. Throughout the tracks duration, the use of unsettling sampling and raw introspection from the KICKFIST’s vocalist. I can’t claim it to reach the same intensity of Slipknot’s masterpiece but the effort is whole hearted enough for it to be worth your time.

The EP itself is available to purchase on both Amazon and iTunes.

KICKFIST have a selection of shows on the cards in the UK and across Europe with their beloved Thrash-Funk pioneers, Mordred, all amongst a couple of other worthy of note dates (ahem, Bloodstock TBC). Check the list below:

March 22nd – Concorde 2, Brighton UK (Supporting Furyon)
April 11th – Bar 42, Worthing UK – Mammothfest ‘Best of British’ Tour
July 30th – Dublin, Ireland – Fibber Magees
July 31st – Islington, UK – O2
August 1st – Wakefield, UK, Warehouse
August 2nd – Glasgow, Scotland – Audio
August 3rd – Edinburgh, Scotland
August 5th – Birmingham, UK
August 6th – Manchester, UK – Academy 3
August 7th – Norwich, UK, Waterfront
August 8th – BLOODSTOCK Open Air Festival, UK
August 12th – Inglostadt, Germany – West Park Eventhalle
August 13th – Tillburg, Netherlands – Little Devil
August 14th – Nunkirchen, Germany

That’s about it from us here at Musically Fresh. Don’t forget to check KICKFIST out on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud  as well as the band’s Official Site. And as always,


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