Something Anorak – ‘Tiny Island’ Will Blow Your Tiny Minds

Two boys in Bristol have made a band.


Something Anorak consist of Chris and James Barrett, two cousins that you might believe were the second coming of Christ if it weren’t that there was two of them. And this is still a fitting description because I’m happy to claim that their latest album, Tiny Island, is an audible miracle.

How can I describe their music? I could try sum up their genre as Acoustic-based Alternative. But let’s use imagery instead. Imagine a car that drives as beautifully as it looks. It’s expensive, masses of time and effort has been poured into the crafting of this gorgeous car…

… then imagine you take crowbar and smash the car up like in a bonus round in a Street Fighter game. There are dents, brakes and cracks, BUT, the car still drives as beautifully as before.


Something Anorak’s music may not sound like anything you’ve ever heard before, and it certainly doesn’t follow the stereotype of mainstream beauty; but the dedication and artistry is still evident, and the impact it carries is still as powerful as any of your favourite artists out there.

Their tracks are laced with distortion, echoes and confusion (on the part of the listener), which makes for a warped listening experience – an attribute I am happy to say is replicated when I saw them live.

And I’m going to break the usual MF style of album reviews here, because Tiny Island is one of those rare pieces that simply means I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to do a track-by-track, and I actually think it would be unjust to write such an analysis.

Instead, I’ll say this; the guitar work throughout is stunningly precise, the vocals are somewhat haunting, yet welcoming, and overall, the warm and poignant atmosphere this entire album creates is the reason it needs to be heard to full, from beginning to end, so stream the entire album below! (Just hover over the artwork).

Something Anorak are a beautiful reminder that great music doesn’t have to follow a rhythm behind a reason, but that the message within music can simply be a concession of expressive and soulful tracks that in the grand scheme of things mean absolutely nothing – but will undoubtedly mean something to everybody.

You can call them nonconformists, musical rebels or eccentrics – but I won’t, to me they’re just two boys from Bristol who made a band, and some bloody good music.

I’m happy to say that last year the duo was signed by Howling Owl Records, who are well known for their recognition and promotion of expression within the arts, making this an apt pairing.

Now, like everyone involved, I’m looking forward to the future of Something Anorak.

Want to get involved with the guys? Well you can follow their news on Facebook, Twitter and their Official Website.

And to stream music go to their SoundCloud, and to purchase their music head over to bandcamp or iTunes.


Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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