‘Something Anorak’ Are Back! New Video and Exciting News!

You may remember last month, Musically Fresh reviewed a Bristol-based duo by the name of Something Anorak.


If you missed the exciting review of their debut release, Tiny Islands, you should probably click HERE to catch up with the rest of us cool kids, and remind yourself of some of the most inventive metaphors I’ve ever produced.

I was without-a -doubt very fanatical over the entire album, and found the band’s unique and distorted Low-Fi sound one of the most exciting and memorable I’ve come across since CapeFox back in August last year.

And this week, the guys finally released their new music video for album-stand out, ‘I Am A Doctor’.

The video itself is as wonderfully confusing and disorientating as their music – seriously, David Lynch could have directed this bastard.  Check it out below:

It’s fun, eccentric and it’s all left to the viewers’ interpretation. My theory? The woman’s using the guys as sex slaves in return for free champagne and use of the tennis court where the guys are practicing for the 2018 Doubles Open.

But back to 2015, and along with the release of the video, it’s also been announced that the guys have been signed with Lefse Records (pronounced, ‘LEFF-suh’).

It’s a an exciting time for the cousins, Chris and James Barrett, and possibly even more-so for us fans, as they’ve also announced new releases are to follow this rousing signing.


I ended my last piece on Something Anorak revelling in my excitement for their future, and now, I have even more reason to be excited. Big things guys, big things.

All the relevant links and right down here. Check them out, have a listen and make a purchase:

– Something Anorak on:  Facebook
– Something Anorak on:  Twitter
– Something Anorak on:  bandcamp

And check out Lefse Records official website HERE.


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