Cocaine Piss – ‘The Pool’ Album Review.

Cocaine Piss – Liege, Belgium.


I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Punk music from Belgium, but Cocaine Piss – think a night out with Bear Grylls –  have me going and going and going and (hold on for a second) and going and going all night long.

Cocaine Piss are noisy, and their album, The Pool, is wretched and is clearly that guy (or girl, as their lead singer is female) who throws up at every party he/she goes to, but still wears that “Rock on” attitude.

The lyrics are possibly the best part about the album, and I recommend that you  read along with the tracks on bandcamp, because otherwise, good luck trying to decipher them yourself.


These short 12 tracks contain some of the best one liners in Punk; including, ‘fuck you, I’m a mermaid’ (‘The Pool’), ‘I just love to piss on your very lovely garden’ (‘Family’s Garden’), and ‘Why does my face never move when I smile’ (Pretty Face’).

This album is currently under the FREE /name your price bracket, and reading the lyrics as you listen will make you smile so very much, I’m not even going to type out any more because it’s a huge spoiler.

As mentioned, the songs are super short, and the album is only a little bit over 13 minutes – iTunes says 13:13 – and you can expect blast beats, feedback, angry shouting, groovy guitar riffs (check out ‘Tourette’), and energy that will only stop when you want it to.

The guitar on ‘Pigeon’ is serrated, and on ‘Family’s Garden’ it’s got a lovely bit of Punk twang to it.

The fun can be so much longer than 13:13 if you just select, ‘Album Repeat’.

Whether it’s getting down to the finer points on fashion with ‘Haute Couture’, commentating on mass media with ‘Mass Media’, or perhaps even deciphering what incest is really all about with ‘Incest’  as it’s certainly quicker than watching Game Of Thrones.

Cocaine Piss will have something that all your mothers can complain about.

Don’t be deluded. This review is about as short as the album because it’s wonderful, and if anything it’ll make you want to pick up your guitar, batter it a bit, hit someone over the head and then run around the street shouting about how beautiful pigeons are. Belgium.


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