For Esmé – ‘You’ New Single and Video

Oh Canada.

Toronto have delivered For Esmé to Musically Fresh, a Dream-Pop three-piece consisting of Martha Meredith (vox, drum machine, synth), Dave Thiel (bass, electronic soundscapes) and Nathan Crook (guitar, vox). And last week they released their latest track and video, ‘You’.

Let’s discuss.


To start with my conclusion; I really cannot shake this song from my mind. It’s become my brain’s screensaver for when I’m saying and doing nothing, immediately taking me away into a daydream.

Being honest, the lyrics didn’t hook me straight away, and would say they didn’t have me until the second verse. But there’s the perfect amount of creativity and (cleverly used) repetition within them that eventually imprint in your mind.

‘And I’m frozen in time, with your voice on the line…’

The trifecta of ‘You’s which play throughout the duration of the track are so hypnotic that they’ll also be playing in your head throughout the day, until you eventually give into their demands and go back on YouTube and hear the track just once more time.

Combine the lyrics with the stimulating drum-machine beat – similar to many Depeche Mode tracks –a very pleasant guitar solo, and some genius and entrancing synth/soundscape work, and the overall result is a single which is provocative and satisfying. And the accompanying video is also a delight to watch. Usually when three strangers break into a school we all just pray they’ve had the appropriate checks. But there’s a lovely charm of nostalgia and quirkiness throughout.

It has to be said, Martha is a beautiful and commanding as her voice, and leads the trio through a night of mild criminal spontaneity and instinctive dancing, which culminates in a classic gym hall gathering where For Esmé are headlining.

As the tension and excitement build within both the track and the video, it fills you with a wonderful feeling of adventure that you only experience in a daydream. “Daydream-Pop” is actually how I’d label to the group.

After being introduced to the band, I not only enjoy the music they create, but I love the female-fronted dynamic. Martha’s stunning voice, looks and confidence are almost replicable to Gwen Stefani in No Doubt, and Nathan and Dave – not only superb musicians – also stand out as individuals and add a stylish flare and virility to the overall “look” of the band.


For Esmé all-round are just thoroughly enjoyable.

What For Esmé have proven here is that they can produce a high quality track (and video) which commands YOU to listen again and again and again. It’s a fantastic prelude to their upcoming album, Sugar, which is set to be released in the summer.

Keep up with the guys and check out their back-catalogue through the following links:

And #StayFresh.

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