Mr. Phylzzz – ‘Flyzzz’ Debut Single Review

These guys are fly. Fly with a ‘Ph’.


Mr Phlyzzz 2

We’re back over the pond in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a Low-Fi/Grunge two-piece by the name of Mr. Phylzzz (pronounced Mr. Flyz). And despite how formal the name may be, their debut sound is anything but.

But first, a little backstory to the duo.

The band was formed by Clinton Jacob and Ray Redmon, after realising that they possess the greatest names of any two-piece in the history of the world. They knew they could either become superheroes or form a band. Understanding that the superhero route would mean one of them would inevitably have to become the sidekick, they opted to form a band.

Now, obviously, there is some embellishment in that story, but the pair did begin Mr. Phlyzzz as a ‘side project’ after playing their final gig with former Cincinnati Rock outfit, The KillTones. Now, being the proficient music journalist that I am, I went back and listened to some of The KillTones’ work, in order to get an inclination of what I could expect from Mr. Phylzzz, and how far the two have come since the disbandment.

There were some absolute gems in their back catalogue, including tracks like ‘Make Up Your Own Mind’, ‘See It Go’ and ‘Cut You Down’. We’re talking quality and varying Blues-Rock, loaded with heavy riffs, memorable hooks and a real distinctive sound throughout all their tracks.

It’s no surprise then that the debut single from Mr. Phylzzz, entitled ‘Flyzzz’, certainly took me by surprise.

The volume is still there, so when your Samsung throws up the message: ‘Listening at a high volume may damage your hearing’ – the bitch isn’t lying.

But immediately, the chugging riffs, hammering drums and distorted vocals submerge your ear canals with straight-up Low-Fi Grunge, which acts as a nostalgic throwback to the early-to-mid 90s. Dare I say it, they also reminded me of a low-tempo Wolfmother.

One thing I was really impressed with throughout the track is its overall pacing. It would act as a perfect soundtrack track in a movie when the “good guy” finally snaps and decides to raise hell and leave town.

Granted, the overall effect the vocals and lyrics had on me was not as emotive as I found with The KillTones, nor are they showcased as much. However, all elements of the instrumentals are solid, and I am impressed by what two guys who have a passion for music can create on their own, especially when the “reinvention” within their sound is as radical as it is.

In my closing words for this debut track, I will say this; Mr. Phylzzz is not The KillTones. And therefore, to continue to make any further comparisons between the two simply because Mr. Phylzzz is comprised of two former members would be unfair.

As debut Low-Fi Grunge tracks go, it’s certainly grasped my attention.

Mr Phlyzzz

I guess Mr. Phylzzz is still regarded as a ‘side project’ to the lads, as they really can’t predict what success will come from going from a successful Heavy Blues-Rock group, to a completely reinvented Low-Fi Grunge duo.

What I will say is that I think I notice when people are hungry for success within this industry, and I definitely think they have the desire to succeed down this new path. So, my message to the guys is that when the EP is out, send us another message, and we’ll review that too.

To download the track, visit the band’s bandcamp profile where it is listed under the ‘Name Your Price’ bracket, and for the latest on any new music and to follow Mr. Phylzzz as they embark on their new venture, Like them on Facebook.


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