C.S.O.D (Constant Source Of Disappointment) – The Finale in the ‘666 Trilogy’: ‘Final Insult’ EP

Constant Source Of Disappointment – Blackpool, England, United Kingdom.


Constant Source Of Disappointment (C.S.O.D.), a Punk-Rock four-piece whom incorporate Thrash Metal into their sound. Not only are these ‘Bastards of Noise’ tearing up Blackpool, they’re catching the attention of the rest of the nation too. Now, the band have recently released the finale in their 666 Trilogy, and in true Hardcore style.

Final Insult, released in May 2015, encompasses all of the factors of their previous releases into one pounding finish of raucous noise. So grab yourself a glass of rum and turn the volume up loud. Very loud.

This is Final Insult:


The opening track, ‘Be Ready’, consists of the average mash up of noisy guitar and pounding drums that flow into the familiar scratchy and hate-filled vocals. The main riff is reminiscent of ‘Tornado Of Souls’ by Megadeth; obviously a huge influence on C.S.O.D. A great track, a wise opener that prepares you for the rest of the EP.

Track two, ‘Out Of Control’, hammers through the speakers with a strong leading bass line, which mixes well with the precise and methodical drumming, however we must regain some control as we lead into track three, ‘Ride The Storm’, which, by the way, is definitely the highlight of the EP (or just my personal favourite).

Opening with well driven guitars that resonate into ear splitting noise, I may not be able to decipher exactly what is being said, but the song is surprisingly catchy, and has been revolving around my head for days now. The heavy hitting break down, in particular, keeps the song going strong and at an enjoyable pace.

I can only imagine the carnage caused in the crowds as C.S.O.D burst the ear drums of people up and down the country, playing events such as ‘Nice ‘n’ Sleezy’ and ‘Punk 4 the Homeless’. The four-piece have a strong record of impressive performances under their belt, and I can only predict that they will only get bigger and better as they progress.

‘No Place To Go’ – much like the other tracks – delivers noise, with more noise piled on top of it, with all the well-mixed high octane guitars, loud drums and low vocals that a down-tuned Metal song needs.


Onto ‘Sexsomnia’ (best song name ever, btw), and it is every bit the classic Thrash Metal anthem. The galloping intro leads into a mellow, melodic bridge, adding a real depth to this track. Nonetheless, the anger builds inside, making you want to bash your head against the wall, run in a circle and batter anyone within an arm’s length.

And lastly, the aptly named ‘Game Over’, blends all of the strong points of the other tracks into one thunderous culmination, as well as the 666 Trilogy itself. A great way to top off the extreme journey of this brutal and angry Punk-Metal hybrid.

If this EP doesn’t leave you with a headache, then you’re doing it wrong.

Find the band below via the following links:

  • Facebook for your C.S.O.D Facebook needs – Click Here and for Twitter tendencies of the C.S.O.D sort – Click Here.
  • For all listening and visual needs. C.S.O.D on Reverbnation – Click Here and for their Youtube Channel – Click Here.
  • The bands music can be for purchase via their Official Website – Click Here.


Bethany Jinks

Bethany. A Twenty-something Punk-Rock war-lady from Cornwall.

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