Trading Alaska – ‘Twenty Nine’ New Single Review

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Canada is proving to be a serious contender for talent within the emerging music scene. In the past couple of months, I’ve been taken aback by incredible singles from Canadian natives; first came Dreampop trio, For Esmé, and then Soundtrack artists, WindfallFound (and keep an eye out for their return to our pages soon).

And it seems all the best things do come in threes, as today, I was emailed by Toronto duo, Trading Alaska, regarding the release of their second single, ‘Twenty Nine’. And it seems, once again, Canada is relentless when it comes to exporting great music.

And all this from a country that said to the USA, ‘Here’s Justin Bieber… just take him…. No, seriously, he’s all yours.’

trading alaska

The band has labelled themselves as ‘Indietronica’, and it’s a damn accurate tag for this single.

‘I heard you cry out next to me, ‘What are you talking about?’’

The overall ambience of ‘Twenty Nine’ makes the 3:12 duration feel like it drifts by both effortlessly and swiftly. I’m hooked on every lyric, as both the instrumentals and vocals come together flawlessly, so that neither one sounds too overbearing against the other.

It’s a credit to the production of the track, and is certainly an art that many artists we review disregard; that synergy between every element of a single.

Overall, the reason I see this single being so prevalent throughout widespread audiences is all down to its relatability. Not only does it contain the all-too-familiar story where everybody asks the ‘Who? What? Where? And Why’s?’ within their lives, but it does so in such a calm and content manner, that it just makes everything feel like it’s going to be… Well, just fine.

‘They say, ‘You’ll find your place’. I say, ‘It’s up to fate…’’

Trading Alaska have delivered a low-tempo, majestic and epiphany-inducing Shoegaze track, which is now my perfect accompaniment on evening strolls along the coast. And not only that, the pair have successfully delivered on making ‘Twenty Nine’ and strong follow-up to their debut single, ‘Open’, which I will post at the bottom of this post.

One thing I’ve learnt whilst working on Musically Fresh is that you can never judge a band by its Facebook likes, and neither should a band care about how many likes they’ve got. But when I see acts like Trading Alaska with only 63 Likes and Justin Bieber with over 72 million. I question the credibility, logic and taste of our world…

And now, when I do that, I play Trading Alaska, and they reassure me that it’s all just fine.

To discover these guys and to give them a well-deserved Like, you can find them at all the relevant links that follow:

#StayFresh, and as promised, here’s ‘Open’:

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