Brain Ape – The Final Video As A Four-Piece – Stoner Groove Via Punk-lectricity.

Brain Ape – London, England, United Kingdom.


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London lads Brain Ape have just dropped a new video. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, three men and an Alien emit a sound filled with Stoner Rock groove, twisted with elements of Punk, Grunge and even Post-Rock in places.

The band have recently dropped down to a three piece, with band-member Dylan pursuing a life outside of the UK. Musically Fresh would like to wish Dylan the best of luck and a thank you for the music.

Anyway, Minky, Sol and Mr. Siberian Alien have decided to go on. New recordings are now in the formative stages and that’s great news, but what’s important right now is the last song the band recorded as a four-piece, ‘Blond Hair Blue Eyed Boy’.

The band’s Stoner grit and gloom hasn’t left, but it is vying for control with a gritty distorted mess of 80’s Hardcore Punk. It was a bitter battle, and many necks were damaged but smiles were on faces as this filthy hybrid rose as one, or something like that.

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