The Nightmare Police – ‘If Only I Could’ EP – The Debut .

The Nightmare Police – Long Island, New York, USA.


The Nightmare police hail from Long Island, New York and they have a job to do. A job of crucial importance, to keep the monsters away.

Of course I don’t mean this literally, but the bands blend of upbeat Alternative Rock and Pop-Punk isn’t far from achieving just that. Influenced by the likes of Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day and The Swellers, you are left with a set real lyrics and bittersweet melodies to match.

The band have already toured the US considerably, including a spot supporting Such Gold back in August, and if that wasn’t enough, they released their debut EP back in October – If Only I Could…

Track one, ‘Eighteen’ is a perfect one for where I’m sat right now, in the sun, in a beer Garden in Melbourne Australia. I’m weary from job hunting and this upbeat recollection of the 18 year old self we all miss is very welcome.

‘No Time’, rolls on in a similar style to its predecessor and nods it’s head to the likes of Yellowcard and Saves The Day, before giving way to the title track.

‘If Only I Could’ feels very inclined towards The Wonder Years, mid-paced and playful with its bassline, and with a soaring chorus. There’s also a slither of Alkaline Trio in there too, see what you think.

Speaking of Alkaine Trio, the intro and general guitar work in ‘When The Alcohol Wears’ leans very well that way. Lyrically, it’s an internal fist pump of self determination and is a great anthem for those bad days you’ve just gad enough of. However, I can’t help but feel this track could have had more bite to it, something the band arguably lack on occasion.

‘Honor Among Thieves’ is a bit underwhelming after it’s intro, it does redeem itself enough later on but again, could be a bit punchier. Sonically there’s nothing wrong with it however, it’s a good song, but for me there was something missing.

Chilled and soaring, ‘Let The Curtain Rise’ does the job of closing the EP. It’s one of those ballads you see in most of the Pop-Punk releases, in the more modern Pop-Rock led vein and doesn’t disappoint. The lead guitar in this track stands out a lot more and suits the knack for that soaring chorus that The Nightmare Police have well and truly down.

A well set debut from The Nightmare Police, what’s next I wonder?

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Matthew Speer

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