Jeremy Edwards – The ‘Palm Trees Calm Breeze’ Debut EP Via Friends and ‘Good Surfy Time’.

Jeremy Edwards – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.


Jeremy Edwards is a collective project via four individuals based in Cincinnati. They play a chilled-gloom that is characterised in their own words by this description – ‘It’s a good surfy time’.

That’s one way to put it. The debut release is out on Split Tape Records, who feature a collection of bands and artists from both Washington DC and Ohio. The aptly titled Palm Trees Calm Breeze was released back on Halloween of this year, boasting four tracks of distorted guitar effects, rattling symbols and well – ‘good surfy time’ tunes.

Influences:  ‘The Ventures, Connan Mockasin, Mac Demarco, The Growlers, and The Allah-Las.’

‘When I first heard Mac and Connan, that’s when I really got into weird guitar effects and this kinda detuned odd warped Surf sound. […] Bandmates are JP, Sage, and Bobby. They’re what make it complete’ for sure.’ – Jeremy Edwards

\\Palm Trees Calm Breeze//


‘Recorded in a house’

‘Graveyard Groove’ has its gloom, it has its Jazz-like drumming, it’s almost in the background haunting vocals and images of some Surf pro making it look like child’s play.  This number will have you bobbing along easy enough, maybe walk past a graveyard with your surfboard and see how that goes, I hear Surf-Zombies are a barrel of laughs.


‘Rad Kids’ slows things down a bit. It’s a shame actually because the rhythm and aesthetic track one embodied and put forward is lost for the most part. It’s more of a “filler” track but it could be worse.

Track three, ‘Catacombs’ is next in off the break. You go surfing and end up unknowingly swept off to some hidden cove off the coast of Hawaii and find yourself wandering around some ancient tribal burial ground being chased by the dead? What’s playing in background? This. ‘Catacombs’ is very much a classic Surf Rock number, slow, melodic, distorted and stoned.

Finally we have the title track, the big number and the barrel wave the show off is charging off to master, or rather the track playing as he effortlessly wades towards it; in slow motion obviously. An Instrumental soundtrack-styled piece, track four does the job in closing the EP.

I’d Surf to this, if I could Surf. Click the direct links for more:

  • Keep track of Jeremy and his Surf crew via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Find Split Tape Records on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Palm Trees Calm Breeze can be found bandcamp for ‘Free/Name Your Price’ download and CD hard copy for a minimal amount of shiny coins.
  • Split Tape Records can be found via their bandcamp, which has so many more bands to check out so give them a go.

Jeremy, JP, Sage and Bobby are planning to release a full length on Split Tape in 2016, so eyes on.


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