Postscript – The Debut Self Titled + Plans for Album #2.

Postscript – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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Onward to our second Australian feature, Postscript.

Melbourne based Postscript formed in 2014, a year later in June, a debut album surfaced. Eleven tracks of fast, melodic, hard-edged 90’s Skate Punk refreshed into the now via influences from some of the best in genre, as well as nods towards some contemporaries from their own scene.

NOFX, Good Riddance, Pennywise, Rise Against, Agent 37, The Decline, Bombs Are Falling, Nerdlinger…’

The band have a new album in the works and that’s just as exciting for current fans as it is for the prospective, or simply those reading my drivel-like prose right now. Just try and get through it and focus on this band, they need your attention.


I first heard, ‘Right For Me’ on Hope: A Compilation For The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Needless to say I instantly looked up the band and bought the debut immediately. Showcasing the band’s sound and setting the tone and certainly the pace, the guitar and vocal melodies had me hooked.

The compilation has a huge (80 tracks) number of bands from all over the US, UK and Australia, and really is worth whatever you can spare, find it Here.

Slightly more jagged riff-work presents itself in ‘Who’s To Blame’, before more breakneck Melodic Hardcore in ‘Oath Of Office’. With guitar melodies easily worthy of Rise Against or Good Riddance, the band’s disaffection towards politics is strewn across the soundscape.

Much like the next in-line, ‘Lost Generation’, which follows a similar lyrical approach, ‘Oath Of Office’ is a decent track but more on the filler side of things. That said, they fit well and ‘Lost Generation’ has a welcome down-tempo approach.

Jagged, almost metallic guitar work rears it’s head for ‘Twisted Youth’. A slower number but with just as much Punk flare, it leads on to ‘3995’, which itself leads straight back to breakneck speed, this time supplemented with a darker edge.

‘Blind Faith’ has more of that Good Riddance vibe, punchy Melodic Hardcore rhythms with lyrics to match, there’s also some Fletcher Dragge and Pennywise in the guitar work too. The band have actually shared a stage with Good Riddance and that must have been a helluva show.

Speaking of Pennywise, ‘Sovereign Borders’ has a very Land Of The Free feel to it in the guitar work, match that with a chorus that yields one of the best on the album and you have the perfect Skate Punk number. Not forgetting the political edge – obviously.

‘Unsocial Media’ carries both bitter irony and bitter truth.

Social media is as useful and fantastic as it is dehumanising and concerning. Postscript are really on point here, so pay attention.

‘Question Everything’, is another up-tempo, melodic assault with more socio-political jabs at the current state of affairs. Despite all the information available, how much of what we hear, see, read and are indoctrinated towards, do we actually question? Thank about that one. – ‘You never know what you might find’.

‘Not The Same’ finishes. The harder side of the band is a strong point of the album. Postscript pull off fast Skate Punk well enough and even show hints to possibly more upbeat material in the future, but similarly they also show a penchant for the harder, old-school, riff laden Melodic Hardcore sound and that’s certainly a positive.

Complaints? Criticisms? Purely subjective to taste with this bunch. You could say it all sounds similar, but it’s a Punk sub-genre so that would be a weak criticism. Harder vocals in places, perhaps to marry with the riffage would suit, but the band’s sound works without it.

‘Not The Same’ for example, has a large expanse of time elapse after the Punk-Rock has dropped the 15ft, before a nice little piano piece kicks in, it’s not a bad piece of music but it didn’t need to wait that long. Even with the above nit-picks, it’s hard to believe this is only debut, album two is quite frankly going to be sick. Well done boys.

Find the band below:

  • Facebook has all your updates.
  • For the ‘Free/Name Your Price’ download, head to their bandcamp.
  • For merch and CDs, head to a show.
  • Check out the band’s Australian label, Dead Memory Records – Here.


Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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