Northwood – One Band, One Three Track Demo.

Northwood – Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.


Musically Fresh’s first indulgence in the Australian Airwaves.

Ballarat boys, Northwood, are fairly new to this whole music game. November 2014 saw their first show and August of this year saw the band release their debut three-track demo on bandcamp for ‘Free/Name Your Price’ download.

The band showcase a Punk and old-school Pop-Punk sound that would have fit right in back in the 90’s, their influences speak for themselves and only add more enticement, as lets be honest now, they-be some big players.

Influences: Lagwagon, Pennywise, NOFX, Bigwig, Jughead’s Revenge, Anti-Flag, Strung Out’

\\2015’s Demo//


Butt Scratcheeerrrr Butt Scratcherrr! Track one isn’t called Butt Scratcher, rather ‘Butt Scratch’. As an opener, it encapsulates the whole 90’s Punk echelon perfectly. The biggest and arguably best comparison I can make would be towards So-Cal boys Face To Face, particularly the track ‘Velocity’.

It’s fast, punchy, melodic and upbeat, the vocals are a bit strained in places but they suit the rest of the mix well enough, have a go:

‘Melancholy’ is your filling and is exactly what you need in 90’s Punk themed Sub.¬†Northwood’s heavier more charged influences come through well. Strung Out and Anti-Flag show themselves in the chorus, while a slight Pennywise styled Skate Punk feel emanates from the track in general. The only real criticism would be the vocals again.

There’s nothing hugely wrong with them, the grit is there and it’s not too polished either, but they just feel as if they need to be fuller. That said, this IS¬†a Demo and there’s nothing else that flags up and track two is still the “fist pumper” of the release.

‘Bury Me’ is the last, but not the least. With with half it’s guitar work learning towards No Use For A Name and that of the verses’ axe work hitting you in the face with a big wet slap of old-school Green Day, it’s oh so 90’s.

I could Skate to these riffs, If I could Skate that is. It’s choppy, messy, and wonderfully melodic. Maybe they’re born with it, maybe it’s 90’s Punk.

A solid effort from your new favourite band, we look forward to what’s next! For now though, enjoy track three’s riffs, they’ve been stuck in my head for a week now…

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