ZUU Music – ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ Single Release.

ZUU Music – London, England, United Kingdom.


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2015 was an exciting year for London based ZUU Music, the debut Subculture EP release was a real hit and a massive milestone for all those involved in the project. Since then, remixes, seminars on UK music, house shows, booked venues and with slots as far away as Paris, ZUU Music has it’s sights set on a domination.

But not in the way you think, the house shows, and general attitude and conduct of ZUU, shows strong underground roots, ideals and camaraderie and that, ladies and gentlemen – is well and truly paramount.


With a Dub-like Reggae tinge on the opening, both in the Hip-Hop vocals and the beat, ZUU’s musical diversity and appreciation rocks through the clouds. It waste’s no time however in breaking in the post-Dubstep-isms and jagged remixes, as well as “classic” Electronic Music elements.

Electronically dominant and distorted, with cleaner and then more distorted vocals taking charge half-way, the song almost changes it’s structure and genre. But not too much, the Dub influence is still there, the Hip-Hop is still there and so are the jagged breaks. It’s almost as if three songs have melded into some kind of superior being.

What am I on about? Listen below:

In short, the Progressive Hip-Hop, Electronic Music and Bass Music scene is a growing one, and it needs ZUU Music.

The single was released TODAY via French Electronica/Bass Music label, Digital Whomp. Get hold of the single and check out more music on Digital Whomp via the links below:



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