The Bohemian Embassy – ‘The Leaders Don’t Love You’ Single Review and A Reality Check.

The Bohemian Embassy – Bath, England, United Kingdom.


The Bohos, formerly known as The Bohemian Embassy are a Bath based band playing Neo Alternative Music, drawing influence from Psychedelic Rock, Indie, Post-Punk, Dance, New Wave as well as wherever else they can to create an uncompromising sound of their own. They’ll get your toes tapping, heart sinking and lungs singing all in one song.

Gaining mass attention through gigging constantly and sticking on some of the best live performances I’ve personally seen. They have also released two albums since formation in 2008, Built For Future (2011) and Seek Love (2013) which are both been solid releases.  

Going through a few lineup changes from the beginning, they are now currently mastering The Leaders Don’t Love You album and are already recording their next release We Are All Animals, demonstrating nothing but a hard working, determined and committed band. 

The Bohos - We are

‘The Leaders Don’t Love You’ kicks off with a killer rhythm section bombarding you with an infectious Funk feel that’ll make you want too two step with your two left feet, while the bass continually fills out the vibe as the drummer switches from rhythmic rim and snare shots and then to pummelling the crap out his set during the chorus akin to Keith Moon at his best.

The guitar sound could almost be said to be a rocket taking off and face it, any song with a rocket ship has to be good right? As the vocalist kicks in with the opening line ‘talk is cheap and money walks’, the lyrics take on a socio-political vibe with brutally honest lines such as ‘we trade blood for oil‘ giving it an edge which is hard to swallow. Yet he’s not preaching against anyone just stating facts and face it, anyone loves us better than our leaders.

Whilst travelling along this story he also goes up into Falsetto, creating a ghostly feel, all the while the song is travelling around the killer bass-line with the guitar sound coming-up in a Shoegaze vibe. It layers the track up like nothing much I’ve heard before, kicking into a psyched-out solo which would make the kids on Mandy think they’ve done Acid.

Some say that the death of the hippies was a great period because it gave way to a darker side like The Stooges or The Velvet Underground and this track could fit somewhere easily between the transition period.

A band who wants to send out a good message but accepts that things get shit, adopting the message like no other band could and doing it with pure intensity and love. This song’s message truly depicts what this band is about, in the most honesty way possible.

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Daniel Stothard

Daniel Stothard is something of a music buff. He resides in the city of Bath and can often be found at local gigs. He is also the Vocalist of Bath based Post-Punk band, Television Villain.

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