Calling All Captains – The New ‘Disconnect’ EP.

Calling All Captains – St. Albert/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


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Cheerful Pop-Punk band on a grey-weathered day cliche.

Calling All Captains have just released their second EP, Disconnect, showcasing four brand new tracks as well as preview track ‘Trainwreck’ and single ‘Northwest’ from the latter parts of 2015. Both of the aforementioned tracks showed the band honing their Easycore infused ode to 90’s Pop-Punk, taunting fans for what was to come next.

For those unfamiliar with the band, if you’re a fan of the likes of Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far, New Found Glory and Seaway, don’t go anywhere…


‘Arcand’ opens the EP with it’s jagged rhythms and wild melodic crescendo guitar leads, which give way partially to a more classic version of the genre intermittently, giving the band’s multifaceted sound a nice interplay.

‘Jamie’ sounds as it it should be sat between The Upsides and Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I have Nothing, which is fitting as it actually mentions The Wonder Years. Although a bit cliche, there is nothing wrong with it sonically and the harder backing vocals are a highlight.

‘Northwest’ is very much a classic number and has an accompanying video which you can find linked at the top of the page in our previous article on the band. The combination of fast choppy drums, rumbling bass and soaring guitar melodies makes this one the better of the release and shows an progress from the first release.

‘…but there’s not much that I can do but write
another fucking sad song about it and what good will that do’

‘Trainwreck’ was actually one of the first song’s I heard from the band back in December 2015 and I’m glad it made the final cut for this release, as like it’s predecessor, it makes for strong part of the EP as a whole, with the more old-school Pop-Punk sound prevailing and strongly suiting the band.

‘Twenty Two’ finishes and is more in the style of the earlier track listing, but sadly falls short after tracks three and four.

It’s isn’t a band song per-say, but the lyrics – ‘Here’s the thing I feel like I’ve been told for far too long that – I’m dreaming, and here’s the thing I don’t wanna be told that the life I lead is – the wrong story’ feel flat and although they help to push forward this anthem of disaffected Pop-Punk youth, don’t fit well with the music either, as stylistically it suffers too many change-ups in such a short space of time.

There we have it, despite a softer ending, Disconnect provides a strong second effort from Canada’s Calling All Captains. Find the band below via the following links:





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