Electric Fox – ‘Run Around’ Single Review.

Electric Fox – Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


‘Run Around’ by Bristol, England based Electric Fox immediately struck me with a danceable, catchy drum beat and a tastefully fuzzy bass thaelet built into the frame, to then be filled in by twangy Surf Rock riffs and crooned vocals that tell me the all-too-familiar story of a faulty love life.

My first nods and praise to this band lies in the impeccably professional production and the instrumental cohesion from member to member. Whether it was from time tested skill or young talent, Electric Fox as a collective act have brought an unequivocally tight sound as a band into public view.

What leaves me at the ends of this track is how Electric Fox has fell into a musically androgynous Rock n’ Roll formula that leaves me begging for some dedication to a niche within their almost too perfect performance.

Electric Fox has now embodied themselves within the living, breathing archetype of Rock music and makes me wonder whether they might choose in the future to sit closer to Punk, perhaps vie for an artsier Indie Rock inflection, or embrace their fundamental strengths and totally dedicate to being a Pop band, which they could clearly excel at.

Five years from now, this band could be a chart topper, or they could be entrancing the masses of well-groomed hipsters and buzzed out Uni students at Pitchfork Festival. They leave us with, ‘Run Around’, a musical cliffhanger.



I spend a lot of time meditating on why Insect Warfare broke up and cleaning off my Wolves in the Throne Room records. I play in bands on four strings and vocal. Residing in Boston, MA, USA.

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