Down Memory Lane – The ‘Recycled Punk Rockers’ EP

Down Memory Lane – Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Down Memory Lane are fresh on the Montreal underground music scene with their reminiscent blend of 90’s melodic Punk music, via their debut EP Recycled Punk Rockers.

It’s easy to hear strong and dark melodic guitar work of Good Riddance and vocal melodies that send the mind back to bands like melodic Punk veterans, Much The Same, who themselves are once again touring, which is great news in itself!

If you were to describe the band to someone, No Use For A Name would be a comparison, as would contemporary gruff-Punks Banner Pilot. This is EP is the first collected release to hit the airwaves from Down Memory Lane, so normally you’d expect somewhat of a rough ride through recording and perhaps struggling synergy from such a fledgling project.


\\Recycled Punk Rockers// 


For the first notes of ‘Eternal Martyrs’ I genuinely thought I was hearing a b-side from Appeal To Reason by Rise Against, before rhythms akin to My Republic and Peace In Our Time era Good Riddance take point.

Like all good melodic Skate Punk, the Pop-Punk-tinged chorus is high, far reaching and melodic and in good contrast with the more sombre and darker tone on the lead guitar and rumbling bass. Vocally, you can’t help but hear Much The Same and the now (sadly) defunct This Is A Standoff, in a track tying together so much of melodic Punk’s forerunners for it’s inspiration.

‘Healed From Me’ takes a similar approach and plods along at a slightly slower pace, with satisfying guitar melodies, that hold their own but are somewhat repetitive. ‘Healed From Me’ doesn’t feel as strong as the previous number but still showcases a tighter band that you’d expect at this stage.

Track three, begins with a crescendo styled lead that wouldn’t go amiss on a Strung Out release, before another melodic rhythm takes charge for more of the same. Specially, the punchier chug that sadly has short air time is a highlight, as a grittier more “classic” sound is trying to push through, a sound the band in my opinion need to push further.

However, the sound does fit well with the title of the EP, as these men are freshening up recycled Punk and Pop-Punk music to their own end, and you have respect that, as they likely grew up with this as a core soundtrack, crucial to their personal and musical development.

‘Angel Without Wings’ is your pure Pop-Punk number of the release, it isn’t trying to be anything other that a heartfelt Pop-song played by people who enjoy Punk-Rock and includes guest vocals from vocalist, Sebastien “Doowy” Doyon’s daughter, Melody.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ has an intro that again demonstrates a heavier inclination from the band before it gives ways to the melodic Skate Punk formula again, but this time, there’s more of a open contrast from heavier to lighter similarly to the first track.

The tuneful, high-noted leads and chord progression are far stronger, and more appealing than they have been compared to the previous tracks. Fans of Punk music in general and specifically the more melodic hybrids, will be able hear this as well.

The feeling when a lead riff, rhythm or robust set of power chords hits you and the perfect synergy between all band members coagulates into such an anthemic hook, that is so sonically pleasing in sound, that you either have your hand-on-heart or fist in the air and a stupid smile on your face. This is what Down Memory Lane are touching on this release, it’s not perfect, but is by far set in the right direction.

This is not only the first release for Down Memory Lane, but also the first release and signing for Thousand Islands Records based in Montreal. Find the label, the band and the music below:

  • Find Down Memory Lane on Facebook.
  • For the Recycled Punk Rockers EP, head to bandcamp, where it is up for ‘Free/Name Your Price’ download. Hard copy CDs and merch are available from the band and label at shows, with an online store selling both CDs and merch on it’s way.
  • Thousand Islands Records can be found on Facebook.



Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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