Mr. Phylzzz – The Debut ‘Sound Like Everybody Else’ EP.

Mr. Phylzzz – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

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Back in July of 2015 year, we took a look at the debut single from Cincinnati two-piece riffy-distortion masters, Mr. Phylzzz. Since then the boys have been relatively quiet on the release front, instead concentrating on the whole band thing with shows up the yin-yang.

Professional terminology. ‘Flyzzz’ berated the hearing with it’s Blues-Rock, filtered through distorted Grunge, and thick feedback-laced Sludge leaning riff work, all compressed into just under two and half minutes.

The new EP Sound Like Everybody Else, is probably a jibe at the music industry – who knows but what we do know is that it certainly doesn’t…

\\Sound Like Everybody Else//


I don’t need to rattle on about ‘Flyzzz’ too much but what I will say is that the band is another that may only employ the stripped down two-human formula but sound as if they are ten-fold.

‘No Planzzz’ takes you on a more relaxed and sombre route to start – ‘Ive got my feet on the ground, If I move I make a sound, and there’e no-one around, what goes up must come down’ – until someone is up to ‘something-something‘ and you’re exclaiming ‘we’ve got nothing, nothing’ with a Bleach-era Nirvana fuzz playing and later, harder, simplistic riffage and terrifyingly beautiful screams, again leaning towards the Grunge greats.

‘Queer Fear’ is more playful and upbeat, still leaning towards the Grunge of the former but also a solid Alternative Rock flirtation. Lyrically, it concerns the image of the heterosexual dominance in Rock music and the subdued but ironically prominent fear of homosexuality. With Mr. Phylzzz the band felt they could explore sexuality fully, be themselves and open with their opinions and personal lives. The song aims to highlight that aspects of our existence, sexuality, music taste, politics and all that, are simply aspects and don’t define us or how we should be treated.

‘Mr sad, sad man – lay it on me, Mr com-puter man – lay it on me, I’m a hopeless hopeless man – so lay it on me, I’m a con-fused man – so lay it on me, me, me – lay it, on me’. 

The Blues on the opening verse, vocally and on the simple guitar plucking are a highlight, or at least until the band’s Noise Rock tendencies show themselves for some chaotic moments before an almost Punk rhythm takes over but played at a more mid-tempo pace.

Fucking Trash Rock indeed, the aggression in the final part of Lay It On Me‘ –  ‘Mr sad religious man you lay it on me And all you confused fuckin’ men – You lay it on me, You lay it on on me!’ – is quite frankly fantastic and a great way to end.

Get phlyyy below:

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