Screech Bats – Punk-Rock n’ Roll and The Debut EP.

Screech Bats – London, England, United Kingdom.


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Screech Bats are a BAT-SHIT-CRAZY Punk-Rock n’ Roll quartet from London, forming in the summer of 2015. Kit and Lexi of Hearts Under Fire (Click Here) teamed up with old friends Rio and Esme and immediately begin writing their debut self-titled EP.

The EP was produced by Jason Wilson and recorded at Stakeout Studios London notable for working with Fightstar, You Me At Six and Malefice plus countless more…

(Editor’s Note: And in true London tradition, adding some Punk to the roster. 
– MS.)


The first track ‘Pathologigirl’, kicks straight it with punker-power chords and intricate riffage through the verse, followed by an Alt. Rock pre-chorus and then back into a Pop-Punk chorus. Right away, I’m hooked as I realise my listening experience is about to be anything but predictable.

‘Kiss Me In The Rain (So I Get Wet Twice)’ a coming of age tune about young romance. I must say however, this intro is totally Coral Fang – which will be album of week next time my pick comes around. The track is a full on mini anthem of angst and melody and needs not be more.

Showing their Alternative Rock side with the third track, the pace is slightly subdued in this equivalent of a ballad – a “Bat Ballad” perhaps? I’d consider ‘E.T’ to be homage to 90’s Grunge but with a modern revamp, comparing finding true love to believing in aliens… The truth is out there!

Bringing back the tempo with the final track, theres no time for an intro apparently, so we’ll start with a verse. This track is catchy as cooties at a nappy night – if you lived through the 90’s that is… ‘Maybe Honesty Works? is the perfect finale for the release, acting as the catalyst for the future for of Screech Bats.


A few words from guitarist Kit Upton – ‘For me it’s a chance to get to write and play faster melodic Punk like the bands I grew up listening to. I was pretty worried at first about going from playing bigger venues and getting great support slots to starting over but it’s been really exciting and the songs have been flowing’.

The EP as a hard-copy CD is available at gigs as well as online and is looking to soon be available digitally very soon. Find the band below:



Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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