This is… – HUME.

Hume – Wendover, England, United Kingdom.

Hume are a three piece band from a classic piece of English countryside, blending Jazz and Blues and that whole tricky “singer-songwriter” tag. Their two singles already released, ‘In Between’ and ‘Calm Down’ are the little lick of the fiery handshake of the sound that their Gretsch guitars amplify.

‘In Between’ has a wide, comforting feel, thanks to the production and effects letting the room get involved with the music, making it more than just “some bloke with guitar and friends”.

It’s your second date and you’ve slightly jumped the gun a bit too quick and it’s only now, as you’re bringing the spring rolls out, do you realise that this is all pretty scary but Hume’s got you and it’s all pretty chill and she’s really digging the sounds and all’s good, all is good.

‘Calm Down’ reminds me of those rare “introspective” moments on Made in Chelsea, where they use a hip-new Indie song to accompany the aftermath of a huge slab of “non-drama”.

But this is the vibe I really like from Hume, that slightly more than “coffee lounge acoustic listening music”. Hume are accessible and the buzz from a live performance must be really cool because their is life breathing in these songs, it’s two o clock and I’ve got another date at the wine bar but Hume are playing in the background, again?

Luckily, you can listen to some live recordings on their SoundCloud as well as the two singles already released from the upcoming debut EP, Common Grounds, set to drop on the 18th of March.

‘Except The Line’ is vibrant, the Hume twang gets you going and the bass-line on this track reminds me of something by The Killers Sam’s Town-era. There’s definitely a want for what Hume are doing and if they get picked up somewhere then they could be the soundtrack to not only introspective Made in Chelsea moments, but those of your own as well.

Find that Hume twang below:






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