Denver Punks Three Grams Return With New Single – ‘Before The Fall’.

Three Grams – Denver, Colorado, USA.


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Denver’s Three Grams, formerly 3 Grams Over An Ounce, originally formed in 2006 and until 2012, busied themselves crafting and then promptly blasting their fast, abrasive Ska-Punk and Melodic Hardcore hybrid to anyone that would listen.

Sadly come 2012, the band went on hiatus with that thing called life and other projects taking prominence. However, in the latter parts 2015, the band’s line-up and name rose a-fresh, with the promise of new music on the horizon.

That time is now, as Three Grams have unleashed something bigger, better and stronger than anything prior in their career. The band are back up to a five-piece and have just released the brand new track from the forthcoming release, Awakening, entitled ‘Before The Fall’.


This song is my direct response to police brutality. I’m very proud of what Zach, Brian, Nick, Earl, & I were able to portray the feeling of disgust towards that heinous practice of police all over the nation and the world. Rise up!’ – Ryan Hatfield, Vocals.

From the jagged opening guitar-lick to the channeled and driven melodic rhythm, the band are well and truly back. The blistering rhythm section holds it all down for the intro while vocalist Ryan Hatfield screams relentlessly with his best vocal work yet, in perfect synergy with the tenacious drive of the rest of the band.

Rise Against are clearly a huge influence on this track, as we enter a period where the veterans’ initial inception is becoming as important as those who inspired them.

Three Grams on their earlier releases leaned close to a “Crack Rock Steady” sound to varying degrees, a sound which on this latest composition, makes enough of an appearance to appease older fans, but wholly isn’t as core, rather simply sufficient.

Why? Well that’s because ‘Before The Fall’ takes on a pure Melodic Hardcore onslaught, complete with a strong socio-political punch and is clearly the best and most logical choice to stand as the new raised fist of Denver Punk-Rock.

But then again, there is an EP on it’s way.

Find all things Three Grams below:

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  • Head to bandcamp for the band’s previous recordings for streaming and downloads.
  • Finally, CLICK HERE, to go to ‘Before The Fall’ directly.



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