Bar Fight – The New ‘Core On The Block and The ‘Sucker Punch’ EP.

Bar Fight – Gloucester, England, United Kingdom.


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Hardcore scenes have been on the rise in a very strong NYC-styled sonic direction for the last few years, with the UK underground taking a considerable portion of the scene for itself, without any real indication of retreat.

Bar Fight’s debut EP, which will be linked below and through the article above, contained two very simple tracks of Metallic Hardcore comparable to the old-school Thrashcore of early Refused or house-hold names, Agnostic Front.

The Sucker Punch EP is something else however and the initial attraction I found with this band is now a crate of twenty-four rather than a six pack, sorry Black Flag, the UK’s drinking culture is out for more. To Gloucester!

\\Sucker Punch//


I’ve been listening to this EP non-stop now for at least 2 hours, trying to determine why I’m enjoying it so much and I’ve come to a very simple answer – Bar Fight don’t care.

The band doesn’t take it’s lyrical content too seriously, which is often the downfall of contemporary “macho” modern Hardcore and Beatdown, to the point where it’s own fans, to put it bluntly, “take the piss”.

‘8 Beers Down’ has the classic Hardcore “we’re here and we’re angry” tone but the words differ and show band having real fun and enjoying their music, which is tighter, grittier even more groove-laden than when we last saw them, with 0:34 to 0:46 proving particularly satisfying.

The above and it’s successor, ‘Away Days’, sit closer to the sound of the debut EP, but with a superior strength, harder and more jagged in it’s Hardcore aggression.


On the downside, the latter of the two middle tracks falls close to the cliche of the genre, but still manages to entertain you enough that the fluidity of the EP is maintained.

That said, the musicianship of the Bar Fight is shown to be on the improvement despite this.

The intro to the final track, ‘Booze Cruise’, sits somewhere between the Hardcore Punk of Sick Of It All and the stand-out stylistics Agnostic Front, before the latter’s chug is rocking-over the verse briefly, prior to the satisfyingly fast tempos blending with the signature metallic riffage and breakdowns.

Bar Fight bridge the two styles of Hardcore into the union you where looking for to tie things off, on a second release that leaves you in want of more, and maybe even a beer or nine, it does seem to be a theme…

Find all things Bar Fight below:

  • For updates on the ferocity of the scuffle, head to Facebook.
  • For the bands releases so far, head to bandcamp where you can find it all for ‘Free/Name Your Price’ download, so you can chuch them a few quid for a pint or merch costs, or both…



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