Glue – London Strength Adhesive and The ‘Badlands’ Single Review.

Glue – London, England, United Kingdom.


One of the UK’s most known cultural hubs, London is known for its incredibly diverse offerings of music produced by artists from all walks of life. However, with so much choice, it can be difficult to stand out as a band or artist, which I doubt is an issue for the boy’s in a band named Glue.

Today we look at their third single from the debut EP, Balloon, going by the title ‘Badlands’.

The intro alone catches interest with some nifty SNES’ish sounds, which got me all nostalgic and overall I can see ‘Badlands’ being enjoyed by fans of Pink Floyd of the modern age, as the band’s progressive sound certainly stands them out. ‘Badlands’ shows the right amount of angst you can expect from quasi protesters but is nicely evened out by the raw musicianship displayed.

‘ (Badlands is) about finding solace in love and existing happily on the periphery of prescription while escaping stress and regrets.’  – Vocalist, Ralph on Badlands.

Consequently, the video for Badlands gives us insight into what life is like in the decaying dysphoria of our nation’s capital and the beauty of imperfection there-in.

The band are oh-so DIY from recording their own music independently and filming their own videos, that we have nothing but respect for them.

Musically Fresh thoroughly recommends that you check out the band’s other material and singles from the upcoming album, as their Progressive and eclectic blend of the Alternative, including but not limited to – Punk, Indie, Grunge and Electronic Music, is as genuinely weird and wonderful as it gets.

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From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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