Heart Attack Kids – ‘No Future’.

Heart Attack Kids – London, Ontario, Canada.


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We first came across Heart Attack Kids back in March of this year and to be ever so blunt, were blown away. The band released their single and video ‘Deaf Dogs’, our article on which you can find above, showcasing a fast, abrasive and most importantly – addictive Punk-Rock and Garage Rock sound that surpasses their status as a simple two piece in it’s output.

I made statement stating them as leagues ahead of the “popular” two pieces of this time we live in and I still very much stand by that statement, as the band’s raucous Rock n’ Roll is truly exemplary of the strength of Canadian Punk and underground scenes.

Links to the band’s previous work will be left at the end so you can find our own way to the exclaimed and deliberately subdued conclusion of: ‘That was a bit good wasn’t it‘.

\\No Future//


We’ve seen ‘Deaf Dogs’ before, it’s old-school Hardcore Punk lives in a Garage with a Rock and sounds fantastic, but it’s the seamless transition into track two, ‘Eh Ok’ that warrants our attention.

Similar in formula, but with a far more Rock n’ Roll appeal, the bands might two piece output sounds as huge as it always has, with dare I say a slight Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats flare on the vocals.

‘Blow Up Dolls and Cannonballs’ is purely chaotic and entertaining, boasting as one of the best on the release. Flipping between playful Indie flutters to full throttle Hardcore Punk, the influence from Cancer Bats is once again clear, fitting will with the band’s sound

‘Flow is the not quite mid-album curve-ball, reminiscent of FIDLAR, Heart Attack Kids’ Garage Rock grit is as close as it will get to a more 90’s Pop-Punk and Skate Punk sound as it’s been, and it works.

I really want to see this band tour with MF boys, Ghost Of The Avalanche. Why? Well, the relevant information and Punk-Rock sound will be left for your dissection at the end.

‘Scatterbrain’ reignites the aggression before the re-recorded ‘Platonic Love Bomb’ sounds gargantuan in comparison to its older brother, which in itself makes for a excellent Rock n’ Roll abrasion. *Video comprised from original recording*.

The opening lick on ‘Shoulda Come From Japan’ is almost haunting in it’s quirks, a theme much of the guitar work on this release follows, complementing the desperate fury of the vocals.

Initially, I planned to take a moment to focus on the tenaciously relentless drumming of Nathan Stock but then I found that impossible, as no compliment would do him justice.


‘Banshee’ sounds as if The Hives had returned to their earlier work, but tenfold. Jared Ellul’s guitar work is as on point as ever, with a strong inclination to fans of Radkey oozing throughout. ‘Kicked’ is a wonderful mess with it’s Black Flag-isms and satisfying lead riffs arguably sitting close to Audioslave-era Tom Morello.

I wish I could show you more of this album but that would ruin the surprise for May 6th. The final number, the one all the band’s work rests on, depends and counts on for that delicate finish on the palate, tones things down a bit.

‘Have Heart’ fliters down the Punk/Garage/Hardcore formula in favour of a more Alternative Rock sing-a-long, hook laden and melodic. It’s unexpected but no less welcome or counted as part of the absolutely fantastic release that this album is.


This is being written from Melbourne in Australia and with the record released on May 6th, I may have send a pretty blue vinyl back to the UK…

While I ponder that, find everything Heart Attack Kids below, as well as, as promised – Ghost Of The Avalanche:


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