‘Hipster’ The New Single and Video From The Stand-Out UK Punks, Riskee And The Ridicule.

Riskee And The Ridicule – Kent, England, United Kingdom.


For our in-depth review of the 2014 debut album – Click Here.

In October 2014 a band from Ashford in Kent in England’s southeast released an album that changed the rules of Punk-Rock as much as it stuck to the genre’s guns.

A very young Musically Fresh and younger me reviewed Dawn Of The Dog, a sociopolitical critique of the contemporary United Kingdom, crossing boundaries both in it’s lyrical content and musings and in it’s incredibly engaging musical style, blending Grime, Spoken Word, Funk and Ska into a strong and punchy, yet very welcoming Punk-Rock sound.

The full review of the album that I still remember loving every moment of the review process of, is linked above but now we are on to bigger and the more contemporary with the new single and video from Riskee And The Ridicule, ‘Hipster’.

The band’s signature style has been morphed into something we only saw a glimpse of on the debut album. Towards the end of Dawn Of The Dog, harder more stylistically Punk-Rock tracks were far more prominent and with this new single, the band have taken that even further.

The British wit and tone of Riskee And The Ridicule is still the one of main attractions, as Riskee’s vocals are still flipping between various levels of Grime (that’s an odd sentence) and the band’s Punk has enough groove for some of those convolutions that don’t really resemble any form of dancing but are the best you have so you stick at it.

As much as the first album’s stylistic twists and turns boasted the band as who they are, the more Punk-Rock led sound was a highlight and with far more in the way of that vein on this lone single, the next album is already giving me the chills.


For this single and video release the band had help from MF favourites Ghouls and their own brass-man Mr. Ben Marion, alongside Russell Spencer and Kenneth Brown in being all about that brass. The band would also like to thank Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios for the single’s production.

Find everything Riskee And The Ridicule below:


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