Bristol’s Milo’s Planes Return With The ‘Locks’ EP.

Milo’s Planes – Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


Cover photo credit –  Simon Holliday.
Photo credit – Alex Rawson.
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We’re back in Bristol with Milo’s Planes, for a taster of their second full length Delivering Business Success, set for Summer (UK) release.

They’ve been good enough to let us in on what the album has in store by releasing the Locks EP, featuring tracks from the new album, some B-sides, acoustic demo’s AND a couple of nifty remix’s.


There’s plenty of interesting techniques used on the music that we listen to and we often don’t realise the little complexities used in the recording process.

Tom Delonge screaming the chorus of ‘Feeling This’ from thirty-feet away, the binaural microphone techniques (two microphones used simultaneously) used by Lou Reed or The Black Keys’ “bathroom vocals”, which is pretty much placing a mic over a toilet bowl *please hold all puns until the end*.

Then you have Milo’s Planes of course, with their own distorted vocal work, achieved through screaming into lap steel to give it that edge.

(Editors NoteJay’s initial review of the band resulted in myself buying/downloading the band’s recorded work so far, leading to nothing but excitement for this release, as well as the for forthcoming summer instalment.

Milo’s Planes seamlessly traverse the best in modern Rock from Indie to Punk to Grunge and more, which has led them to be one of my favourite Bristol bands. I can’t wait to see the live show when I return to the UK.

The first few tracks remind us why we dig these fellas, treating us to a sound that can only be produced by the Indie-Punk/New Wave trio. What follows is somewhat of a departure from the usual, where we get two remixed tracks that follow a strong Dub influence.

Haunting and intriguing they’re a perfect mini chill-fest, but that’s not all and this is why I personally love demo versions, they are rare, raw and fun to listen to and that is coincidentally what Milo’s Planes are all about.

The Locks EP was released on the 4th April, with the tracks from the forthcoming album and the B-sides recorded with Matt Sampson at Bink Bonk Studios, with the other tracks home recorded and remixed by Milo’s Planes themselves.

Take it from us, this release makes for an awesome listening experience from one of Bristol’s most exciting bands.

Get your flight below via the handily linked tickets:

#StayFresh and excuse us, we have a plane filled with terrible puns to catch!


Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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