Rusty Blues Propellers – ‘Hide Yourself In A Shell’ Single/Video Review.

Rusty Blues Propellers – Viareggio/Pisa, Italy.


Photo credit: Ilaria Palmerini.

Hailing from Italy, the Rusty Blues Propellers are an frenzied mash up off Psychedelic Rock clashed together with an inkling of Garage and Stoner Rock completed with an underlying Rock n’ Roll sensibility.

The band have just dropped their new music video for ‘Hide Yourself In A Shell’ from their 2015 album, The Brand New Dawn. The video was shot over two weeks during the Rusty Blues Propellers UK tour, which included two London shows and stops elsewhere in the UK at Warrington, Bradford and Folkestone.

Producer Giacomo Di Luise of The Red Box Video captured the band’s first UK tour, which resulted in this very video of a young band out of their comfort zone, apparently…

Introducing the song with some spacious fuzz the drums kick in with a gentle groove which has an almost militaristic feel to it. The guitar is reintroduced with a driving Rock n’ Roll rhythm propelling the song into a stoner daydream of swirls.

The vocals come in with sustained notes but the production doesn’t fit the same tonality as the rest of the track, as the vocalist sounds somewhat out of place in comparison to the rest of the track.

There’s nothing wrong with the vocals, just the vocal production, which would have benefited with a bit more reverb or slap-back delay to thicken them and keep them within the spacious Stoner and Garage Rock vibe.

Saying that, the melody pulls through and the vocalist comes into himself, just not within the same aesthetic as the rest of the track but saying that, it does carry a groove so infectious that it is forever whirring in and out of your ear canal.


The video itself after getting the message across, arguably “hypes” it up more than is necessary, ticking all the cliches, with snippets of the band travelling in a car with the “pretty lights” of London either side, or walking around Camden town trying a little too hard stand-out.

As a tour video, it does the job but could benefit with more of a focus on the band’s music rather than their endeavours and the fact they made a music video, which is what the pre-release dwelled on, with the generous title of an ‘unconventional documentary’, when the video, despite a strong production value, was really no more than the standard or anything overly special concerning it’s content.

A strong single from a band that have it all there, just need to keep the music their top priority.

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