Thrashkat – ‘If Love Is A Bridge, We Built It Wrong’ EP Review.

Thrashkat – Hamburg, Germany.


Cover photo credit – Joel De Lafuente Torres.
Above photo credit – Gaëlle Pitrel.

Thrashkat, formerly Silver Park, formed in the German City of Hamburg in 2014. Under their previous name the band released two demos and one six-track EP showing an early form of the band’s sound, leaning towards late 90’s and early 2000’s US-styled Pop-Punk and the revival of such, nearer to where we are now in the great process of time.

Influences: Blink-182The Story So FarGnarwolvesTrophy Eyes, Neck Deep

Due the age old set of ‘legal issues’ that plague the underground music scene in regard to band names, Silver Park became Thrashkat towards the end of 2015 and have now dropped their debut five-track EP under that name…

\\If Love Is A Bridge, We Built It Wrong//


‘Your Picture’ is very much a Pop-Punk heartache number, a bit cliche but fast enough and laden with enough bitter-sweet vocal lines and guitar melodies, that it boasts as a contemporary Pop-Punk crowd pleaser. A slight UK Pop-Punk twang musically and the vocal stylistics, led me to think of past MF features Tuskens, who if don’t know them, are definitely worth checking out – Click Here.

‘Sticky Minds’ was the forerunning single for the release and has a companying video that will be posted at the end. Musically it puts forward the band’s heavier influences, while still holding down the melodic nature of the previous effort. Trophy Eyes are a clear influence here, as well as Neck Deep and arguably Gnarwolves.

‘There Might Be A Skating Alpaca’ has a classic intro before dual vocal interplay takes over. Much like the previous two, you hear the sound of a older and stronger band making a stronger effort but as a track sadly comes across as just more of the same.

‘Silver Park’ was a title I saw coming and is a nice inclination towards the band’s past and as a track, proves as one of the best on the release. From the starting blocks it’s harder, faster and more Punk driven, before returning to the previous formula to finish.

‘Silver Park’ was the last “serious” composition from the release but not the literal last. ‘Fashion Killah’ sounds like a twenty eight second combination or Gnarwolves, Black Flag and the Descendents and that’s all I have to say about that.

Find everything Thrashkat and also Silver Park below:

  • For updates, head to their Facebook page.
  • For this EP can be found on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and bandcamp.
  • Videos can be found via their Youtube Channel.
  • For the band’s releases as Silver Park – Click Here.


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