Blank Atlas – ‘Lost At Sea’ Single & Video Release.

Blank Atlas – Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


Photography credit: Matthew Harris Photo – Click Here.

Bristol-born Blank Atlas have a long history dating back to 2011, which is not only almost a century ago – give or take 95 years – but is also enough time for a band to reach full fruition and bare tuneful fruit for the ears.

As ridiculous as that sounds, Blank Atlas as they are now known, formed in 2015 and since their inception have toured and gigged with a number of the UK’s underground bands, including the likes of: Fatherson, AllusondrugsPress To Meco, Max Raptor, Boy Jumps Ship, Liberty Lies and countless more.

Seeing a band this dedicated is something we like to see on MF and the new video for the latest single, ‘Lost At Sea’ is certainly something.


‘Lost At Sea’ is both the standard in UK Alternative Rock as much as it isn’t. The track is still radio friendly and rhythmic in its slow rumble and you can hear influence from contemporary Pop-Punk and Pop Rock in the band’s notable three part harmonies and guitar melodies.

Vocally, a melodic and somewhat sombre tone takes the lead alongside the aforementioned vocal harmonies, adding depth and strengthening the track and it’s simultaneous moods, moving from up to down-beat at the drop of a chord.

The darker infusions elude to questions of how heavy and intense the band will go on the EP set for October release, with the unexpected statement of ‘we like a good riff’ left in a satisfying few seconds to close.

The plot behind the track concerns a band’s teething trouble and the growing pains and disaffection among members in the grand game of band politics, with the point delivered in a more serious and meaningful manner within the musical representation but in a far more light-hearted rendition in the video.

If you like Top Quality Bants, Bangin’ Party Scenes, Sexy Anchormen/Weather-ladies and Cute Cuddly Animals… This is the video for you!

The DIY video itself is a true testament to a band with a sense of humour, examining what may or may not be based on true events, through exaggeration and a mention of the bands exclusive eight-show run at Wembley stadium (citation needed).

Blank Atlas are currently in the studio recording their October EP, with Womble as their roadie between his very much needed rehabilitation that is also in full swing. MF would like wish him well, as anyone who mixes Fosters and Carling Cider in the same night really does need help…



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