Bodhi Jar – The Band and The Debut EP.

Bodhi Jar – London, Ontario, Canada.


One thing we can all appreciate about Canada is that it’s full Canadians, neighbourly hockey enthusiasts and baby sitters of the Eiffel tower. The nation has also churned-out some awesome and influential bands by the likes The Flatliners, Propagandhi, Sum 41 and countless bands also featured on Musically Fresh – Click Here.

Bodhi Jar are another notable export, bringing with them a very unique take on the Post-Hardcore genre, by experimenting with Psychedelia, Progressive Rock and Funk.

Their self-titled debut EP catches your eye with the art work alone, which is art should be; open to interpretation. Personally I see undertones of white washed media and the under-appreciated underdog of industry but that’s just my interpretation.


The genre of Post-Hardcore can sometimes be seen an acquired taste with it’s loosely coherent myriad of influences and styles sometimes leaving you asking, is it Punk? Metal? Emo? – Who knows?

This debate in fact makes it the ultimate middle ground as a sub-genre between all of the above and this Canadian quartet have added some insightful elements, bringing more to forefront and broadening the listeners’ horizon.

The band formed in 2013 under what must have been nothing short of mystical circumstances, as to get this sound from four not so different musicians is pretty impossible. So consider this four-piece “the odd couple” of the music world, bringing together their incredibly estranged influences making for a sound unlike any other.

Influences: ‘Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta, Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, John Frusciante and Kings Of Leon are just a few artists we draw influence from.’

If you ever find yourself in Canada not only must you apply for a Visa and never leave, but jump head first into the nation’s scene, where so many quite frankly awesome bands from such a quaint gem of the American continent are playing and honing their craft as you read these very words.

Find everything Bodhi Jar below:

‘Prototype’ [Live @ 94.9 CHRW Radio Western]



Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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