Eat Defeat – ‘Time and Tide’ The Forthcoming EP.

Eat Defeat – Leeds, England, United Kingdom.


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You might have noticed that, at Musically Fresh – Punk and its offshoots are all nearly exclusively MS’s bag, but since this particular EP is quite close to my heart, I have been given a rare opportunity to review something outside of my remit.

Time and Tide, the fourth record from Leeds based Punks Eat Defeat, is a veritable feast of up-beat, happy Pop-Punk anthems. “Happy Pop-Punk” may sound like a common occurrence but the last two years has seen a drastic rise in minor-key-heavy Pop Punk, with bands like The Story So Far and Neck Deep coming to the fore, and that isn’t what these Yorkshire lads are about.


That’s not to say that Eat Defeat aren’t current and relevant. Tracks like ‘Make Or Break’ could easily have a home on The Greatest Generation (The Wonder Years‘ 4th album), and anthems like ‘Shortcuts’ and ‘Dead And Gone’ involve some of the catchiest bridges the genre could possibly offer.

Citing influences including The Flatliners, New Found Glory and Less Than Jake (albeit without the brass); the new six track EP comes in at just under twenty minutes, and those twenty minutes are certainly a pleasant affair.

Vocalist Summers’ Northern accent shines through in a refreshing barrage of angsty lyrics, and his and fellow guitarist Jimmy’s guitar parts compliment and overlay each-other in perfect Punk melodies throughout.

Due for release on June 10th via Umlaut Records, with two singles dropping prior to release, Eat Defeat will be supporting the new EP with a short run of UK dates, including a hometown show at The Key Club on the launch date.

Having seen the guys a number of times now, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you try to make it to one of these events. As with most happier Punk bands, their live performance is infectious and exciting, and these songs will categorically work perfectly in a live setting.

Find the band the pre-order information below:

  • Eat Defeat can be found via Facebook and Twitter.
  • For the bands music and videos head to their Youtube Channel
  • Eat Defeats back catalogue can be found on bandcamp all for ‘Free/Name Your Price’ download.
  • Umlaut Records can be found on Facebook and Twitter with the Time and Tide pre-order over on BigCartel.



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