LEGGY – Live @ The Fleece In Bristol 08/05/16.

Leggy – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.


Well damn. Cincinnati Lush-Punk darlings Leggy made it over to the UK on a tour supporting the weird and wonderful Shonen Knife on their 25th anniversary tour.

We’ve already covered the release of their two most recent EPs – Here and Here.  You can also buy their self titled debut – Here from Damnably Records. The album is essentially a compilation, but all the Leggy you’ll really ever need (until further releases) in one conveniently physically bound entity. It’s easy.

The band played at that classic Bristol institution, The Fleece and on walking through the doors the band descending into the heavy noise of their set. That was the first thing I noticed about the band – their presence, the sheer volume of their playing and their Lush-Punk sound leaning more on the Punk than the Lush.


On record the band are sweeter, but live they are bitter and danceable in the “punchy blood dripping into your ice cream again” way – and it was a reminder of why you should always go and see your favourite bands live. I had walked into a wave of awesome, (Do Alt-J have an awesome wave copyrighted?).

Drummer Chris Campbell was destroying his kit on stage. The songs were faster and the energy more vibrant than ever, these drum hits were hard and they were brutal – there is something wonderful about that juxtaposition between sound and songwriting. Their live set sounded like it could soundtrack some really dramatic prom in your next favourite Indie-film or any scene ever from an episode of Gossip Girl (xoxo).

Leggy worked through their best material, ‘Bruises’, ‘Sweet Teeth’, ‘Grrrls Like Us’, and their newest track ‘Kick The Habit’ about an ex-lover and it was good to see the crowd responding well to the bands sonic presence.

However, the band are now back in America as their date at The Fleece was the final show of the tour. Be sure to check them out wherever you are because surprises make life and knowing that Leggy are good is still not an experience until seen live.

So why don’t we have a drink and look to the future with the Leggy 75 – you’ll need to shake 1oz Peach Schnapps with a three-quarter ounce of lemon juice and a three-quarter ounce of sugar syrup with ice, then double strain into a Champagne flute. Top with Champagne. No garnish.

Find the all things Leggy Below:



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