Light Fire Down – The Forthcoming ‘Three’.

Light Fire Down – Weymouth, England, United Kingdom.


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In many ways, Weymouth based Light Fire Down are the epitome of the underground band and the their struggles with finding the time, the money and the drive just to keep going. Shortly after recording was complete the band’s drummer sadly departed and the band struggled to continue preparations for the release and were pushed to breaking point.

Thankfully, Three still saw fruition, can now be pre-ordered and will be released shortly on the 26th September, with all links posted at the bottom.

The album is a combination of the band’s previous EPs Lighthouse and Piece Of You, remastered in order to keep pace, time and quality with the four brand new tracks closing the album. Said previous releases have been taken down from bandcamp but can still be found for streaming – Here.



The remastered tracks from one to six sound stronger than ever with Light Fire Down’s Alkaline Trio-esque and strong 90s Punk with its pop melodies and driven chord progression. Collectively casting the mind back to the golden age of the Pop-Punk genre, when its roots ran deep but its melodies and heartfelt lyrics soared.

‘Lighthouse’ kicks it all off and is an absolute highlight driving further forward with the others taking on the baton. The tracks from Piece Of You hold their ground just as well, especially ‘Carolena’ with it’s Millencolin-Alkaline Trio crossover but its not all about the past, the four closing tracks are some of the best the band have penned yet.

I’m sat listening to this release, wishing I could share them. ‘The Fall’ takes a darker turn with a much harder sound without forsaking the melodies, while ‘Lost Soul’ pulls at your heartstrings with its life struggle, inner demons and home truths.


‘To Rest’ is infectious from opening to closing note and sits as a true example of the band’s sound and would be the ideal track to finish on was it not for the unexpected closer, ‘Dying In London’.

Much like the rest this release, ‘Dying In London’ could easily sit on the classics of Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and From Here To Infirmary and closes what has taken all the time, pain and stress to create – an album well worth the time of those who created it and those it was created for.

Find the band and pre-order below:

  • For updates, head to Facebook and Twitter.
  • The bands back catalogue can be streamed on Soundcloud and Spotify.
  • To preorder/purchase the album, head over to bandcamp.


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