SickOnes – ‘The Red Line’ EP.

SickOnes – South West England, United Kingdom.


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I recently had heard that SickOnes had been labelled the ‘best Hardcore band in the South West’. In any normal case after hearing this, I would retort with a witty remark or laugh it off in the same way as the person who uttered the statement – I didn’t do that at all.

South West England is one of the many music hubs of the UK and when it comes to Punk and its offspring, SickOnes have risen well to the top of the pile in the space of time it normally takes to simply release a short demo. April of this year saw The Volition EP which, again – in no time at all, set SickOnes well-into prominence with its blend of Hardcore Punk and its NYC variant, spitfire Hip-Hop infused vocals and a penchant for well timed groove.

Influences: ‘Minor Threat, Black Flag, Trash Talk, Ceremony, Show Me The Body, NirvanaRATKING, Black Sabbath, Alexander Spit, Mannerism, Ghost Of The Avalanche, Beastie Boys.


Ive been out of the UK for a while now which means that unfortunately I am yet to see SickOnes live but from what Ive seen and heard from videos, photos and hear-say, they are wrecking the sound barrier quicker than it can prepare for another violent incursion.

‘I Don’t Exist’ has an intro in classic NYC Hardcore style slightly reminiscent of Sick Of It All and its very telling with whats coming next, groove-laden chord progression, strong percussion and Ben Curd’s adrenaline fuelled vocals, with the interplay between various levels of rage really adding to the jagged cut of SickOnes.

‘All the time I wasted, away from what’s true, I will never get back and neither will you’

With ‘Destructive Escapism’, SickOnes blast a modern and old-school Hardcore hybrid with lyrics reeked in Punk pessimism and realism. Andy Wrintmore’s drumming shines, keeping perfect pace and setting a tempo that the singular guitar can augment with its sharp power chords into a track that is really a “tad” angry.

Powerviolence is something the band know well, citing Trash Talk as an influence is of no surprise and with a track like this, similar to ‘Volition’ from the previous EP but with an added treat of forty-three seconds of dirge, it sounds like a Hardcore Punk version of Deafheaven and that is certainly something.

The great thing about listening to a SickOnes release is waiting for the “groove”. It makes its entrance alongside (yes, I’m going to use this again) Disco Stu as he makes his appearance, by now in considerably different attire.

‘Exile’ is the last and the groove-bringer. You don’t want to go? You don’t want stay? Neither appeal to you. It’s all about that ‘red line‘ but you reach a point when…

‘I see dark, no more sight, past the red line now.
In this world, I exist, freedom is mine.’

I have nothing negative to say about The Red Line EP because SickOnes aren’t anywhere near done yet and won’t be until the scene is theirs and I for one welcome our new Hardcore overlords.

That’s enough of the Simpsons references and enough from me. Get this EP and get sick with SickOnes below:


Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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