Six Feet Above – The Debut ‘Stringed Beings’ EP.

Six Feet Above – Warminster, England, United Kingdom.


Because being six feet under is somewhat morbid, this Warminster five-piece decided to sit comfortable above ground, at a height where their incredibly diverse influences and inspirations could be seen at a height perfect for their culmination.

The band list the general influences on both the band itself and on themselves individually as Grunge, Thrash, Punk and Alt. Rock with notable names such as D.R.I, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, L7, The Libertines and The Smashing Pumpkins to name a few.

The debut EP, Stringed Beings, is out now with the links to acquire such posted at the bottom of the page.

\\Stringed Beings//


‘Flux’, I’ll warn you now, has a chorus that is impossible to shift and lyrically speaking, the band’s Punk adoration is felt despite the nasal, high-pitched and upbeat Indie Rock led vocals. Instrumentally, although the distortion and fuzz is appreciated, it feels subdued, not quite sounding as prominent as it should.

The initial plucking of strings on the title track is somewhat reminiscent of the slower numbers of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lyrically again you feel a strong Punk influence, while musically simple yet strong Alternative Rock, this time far more sombre in mood, drives forward far stronger than in the previous number.

‘Set Sail’ continues on the sombre root, its build up standing as a highlight, with the vocals track-wide feeling less strained and more at home after the upbeat nature of the first track and the much harder notes of the previous. Track three actually boasts the best of the EP so far with the guitar solo in particular, although nothing overt, fitting well in placement and length.

Finally we have ‘Euphoria’ and again, Tom Piner’s vocals although obviously still going through the motions seem to have improved as the release has ascended to its summit. The band already seem to be able to construct strong hooks and seem to have chosen well with the contents of Stringed Beings. Notably, you can hear clear influence from John Frusciante’s RHCP days and that’s never something to complain about.

Find all things Six Feet Above below:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.
  • The band have some of their studio recordings and live clips on SoundCloud.
  • To download the EP for free head to their Official Website.
  • For a CD hardcopy, email the band on –



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