Sneaks – ‘Gymnastics’ Album review.

Sneaks – Washington DC, USA.


Gymnastics has recently got a re-issue on Merge Records, I caught it when it was previously on Danger Records, but MF was on it’s hiatus – so now we are back, it seems perfect to be reviewing it now.

Sneaks is making danceable electro-dotted Punk music that sounds like a minimal Le Tigre. The bass-heavy ‘X.T.Y.’ is like the dirtiest track The Garden are still to make.

The rhythms used throughout the album aren’t easy going, they jerk around like an agitated coke head trapped in the coldness of Soviet Russia and the Eastern Bloc.

‘Red’ is actually pretty catchy and ‘This is’ sounds like an early Colleen Green track. It sticks out with a very indirect but strong jibe at whether what your are taught and digest via all the news and ‘educational’ formats surrounding us is what you should believe.

Sneaks feels nihilistic, the all over the place synths on closer ‘Someone Like That’ are haunting like the ghost of last night’s tequila shots toasted to the meaning of life on a Washington DC morning.

Gymnastics isn’t very flexible. It’s very grey sounding but that’s where it works – it plays with Post-Punk bleakness and gives us spoken word cuts laid over dance-in-the-dark-all-on-my-own instrumentation.

Find Sneaks and her music below:





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