#WhatWeMissed: Montroze – ‘Somewhere I Belong’ Single + Video.

Montroze – Midsomer Norton/Bath, England, United Kingdom.


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Since we last saw Midsomer Norton/Bath based Montroze, the ‘s’ has become a ‘z’ and they have been played an abundance of gigs and shows from venues and clubs, to house shows and as far away as the cold reaches of Canada.

Shows of note being alongside our own friends Newschooled, as well as Canadian Pop-Punks and I quote ‘general beautiful peopleComing Out Swinging. Both bands will be linked at the bottom of the page.

Montroze’s last release, Monster Under The Bed, was actually a runner up in the Musically Fresh Awards 2015 for best EP (Click Here) and boasted both a partial departure and a strong development for the band’s by now, own brand of UK Pop-Punk with its Alternative Rock leanings and timely Pop-Rock sensibilities.


‘Here’s a song for everybody who feels like they’ve never had a place of their own to call home. Oh, and a fun, cheesy video.’

The Pop-Punk cliche line of ‘I hate this town’ (I saw that, turning your hat backwards) is a jibe as much as it isn’t in many cases and ‘Somewhere I Belong’ offers a refreshing spin on the token.

Montroze haven’t regurgitated a diary page from the thirteen year old Pop-Punk rebel, rather they have penned a track about an admittance of unhappiness in your surroundings and the determination to find where you do indeed belong.

‘Somewhere I Belong’ premiered as a video back in June of this year, with a video the band and the director/producer – bassist Ben Curd – should be proud of.

Stylistically speaking more hints of the sound showcased on Monster Under The Bed are shown and indeed shine.

Jason Bishop’s vocals are on form while Mr Curd’s rhythmic bass-rumble compliments the charged drumming of Jake Matthews, a pace that I personally cannot welcome more in conjunction with his already solid presence. All of this is topped off with Sam Chard’s guitar work giving the track it’s sharp edge.

You can find all things Montroze below, as well as Newschooled and Come Out Swinging:


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