Filthy Hearts – The Debut ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Inside)’ EP.

Filthy Hearts – Denver, Colorado, USA.

Aggressive, melodic, heartfelt Punk-Rock out of the Mile High City.’


Despite unfortunately never actually having been to Denver, Colorado, even I can safely say from around 4600 miles away that the city is an absolute hub for the world of new music, with its Punk-Rock music scene standing as one of the tallest.

We published an article on the Mile High City last year and have also covered a number of its bands, so as a “save for later” – Click Here.

Filthy Hearts have tasked themselves to blend the best in past and contemporary Punk, Pop-Punk and Hardcore together in the space of a four track debut EP, which is no easy task, especially when they cite such high profile influences as, Off With Their Heads, Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Face To Face and Bad Religion just to name a few.

\\I’ll Sleep When Im Dead (Inside)//


From the off the band seem to have solidified their vocal-to-music balance in regard to the mood and aesthetic. You are greeted with upbeat, 90s style Punk-Rock laden with healthy melodies, notably contrasted with the “seriousness” of the lyrical content.

If you’re a fan of stalwarts such as The Menzingers and Off With Their Heads, bands that can produce the driven up-beat Punk song yet also hit you simultaneously with a well written heartfelt song, then ‘Precipice’ is for you.

‘Drinking Wells Is The Best Revenge’ follows a similar pattern, it’s mid-tempo rhythms back another anthem of self-deprecation and a soul trapped by addiction.

‘Halfway To Dismay’ is the pace you’ve been looking for. Filthy hearts have showed that they can construct the down-tempo tracks to break up the running order, tracks that still draw in the attention and make for good listening rather than mediocre filler. A skill that is a solid precedent for any future full-lengths.

I digress, ‘Halfway To Dismay’ and closer ‘Not For Very Long’ fill the pace-gaps well with inclinations for favouring a faster Skate Punk or older Melodic Hardcore sound, which is no surprise with Bad Religion on the influences list.

This EP is honest Punk-Rock music and feels balanced and not forced, which again suggests that any prospective full-lengths may well be on the ball and need to hasten their in culmination.

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Matthew Speer

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