The Leeches – The Italian Chords Are ‘On The Line’.

The Leeches – Como, Italy.13726814_10154159902926690_1625195008925365913_n

Hailing from Como, The Leeches deliver a solid and impressive 9th release of Punk for the ages with On The Line. Staying true to Punk form yet borrowing from a wide range of genre influence, this sonic foursome dares you to delve deeper into your own personal favourites just to hear subtle nuances again.

With pieces of 70’s Punk like The Clash and the Ramones paired with backbeats of Hardcore bands like Black Flag and Minor Threat, the picture puzzle of sound is laid out very well in the short bursts of energy which constitute the tracks of the album.


The album rips your ears wide open with the Motorhead-esque number ‘Inferno’, a track that chugs in style and definitely caught me off guard. It segways well into ‘Like it Happened Before’ and this is where I start to hear a lot of Joe Strummer in the lead singers voice and guitar changes. It’s got a feel of The Clash’s early days and its a feeling I’m digging.

The piano adds a cool driving effect in the verse to mix the song up, showing that these cats can write great hooks. Most of the first few songs have the same feel, until ‘Home’, which leans more on the anthemic side of the Misfits.

I wasn’t truly impressed by the diversity of sound until the track ‘Born to do’. It’s one of the longest, clocking in at 3:03 as opposed to the two minute flurries of others. It has a symphonic melody that’s accented perfectly with the falsetto backing vocals and the hook into the guitar pre-chorus is quite frankly, sick. Oh sweet distortion how I love your coo.

The guitarist and drummer really open up on ‘Our Time Is Gonna Come’ and ‘Troll Hunter’. Personally, I think these are the two best mixes on the record, building the melody with a guitar lick, then syncopated lyrics capture you in the well built structure of a Punk song.

As a listener you hear a lot of Minor Threat and some sped up Black Flag or Bad Brains drums and its unique to find a group that tips its hats to its predecessors without ruining its essence. Two thumbs up from an avid Punk, and I hope to listen to the 10th record when its comes out.

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