New, Again – ‘These City Lights Aren’t Half As Bright As They Used To Be’ In Review.

New, Again – London, England, United Kingdom.


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Since the last time we saw New, Again the band have been busy crafting more of their driven, pop-hooked, melodic Pop-Punk infused Emo-Pop into something serviceable enough for a debut EP.

Well, the good news is that they were successful and if you are new to the band via this review then you can find a review of their debut single, now track three, above. Alternatively if you can’t wait because you really need hear this now, then read on, listen on and enjoy.

Here are a few name-drops for good measure anyway. Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Moose Blood and Modern Baseball.

\\These City Lights Really Aren’t As Bright As They Used To Be//


‘Intro’ is just that and actually brings up the anticipation levels and before its abrupt end incepts thoughts of latter-day Jimmy Eat World to mind. Sadly however, the placement of the next track diminishes this slightly. I say slightly because the track itself actually picks up the pieces, makes more and then picks them up as well, but its placement on the EP could have been thought-out further.

‘Save Me Now’ is your brand-standard melodic and tuneful Pop-Rock until 1:10 where the speed I’ve always craved from this band ignites in direct contrast with the deliberately subdued vocals.

With its faster sections and the following Alternative Rock stylistics, ‘Save Me Now’ on the whole leaves you satisfied as your first “proper” track of the EP

‘Arrows (It’s Over)’ was the debut single and is again, full of Jimmy Eat World-isms in their honesty-laden and melodic delivery.

‘Pretend’ was an absolute surpirse. It’s an entirely new and unexpected angle to the New, Again ensemble but at the same time, manages to sound just about enough like the same band that you’re not completely lost. Vocally, its far more aggressive in the verses with strained and emotive (almost) snarls before the melodic staple takes over again.

Musically, the Pop-Punk sound lovingly placed in track two is now recklessly and brashly placed and more “punk” fuelled than you were ready for. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t somewhat out of place and in need of development but even if that is the case, you oddly don’t want it to leave.

‘Stepping Stones’ is your closer and returns to the thicker and more robust pop-Alternative Rock New, Again excel at, in a song that actually marks the best on the release in it’s reflection on what seems a trial beset and troubled friendship.

New, Again are currently taking a short break from the forefront of their endeavours as new material is written and demoed as well as universities and jobs settled into.

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