Not Tonight and The Headaches – ‘Slucky’ and The First Single As Three Piece.

Not Tonight and The Headaches – Grimsby, England, United Kingdom.


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Everyone’s favourite Grimsby based Pop-Punk band have returned this year with their new single ‘Slucky’, and as always, Not Tonight and The Headaches have truly delivered with their throw back to late 90’s punky beats.

‘Slucky’ was elevated from demo status and released in July of this year, featuring guest vocals from Jeff Caudill of Gameface and is a definite banger.

This is the first release from the band as a three piece, following the departure of Throbert Robbington 111. Opening with an uncomplicated classic Pop-Punk guitar riff sounding very Blink-182, the heartfelt lyrics so true to the headaches style are in force

I have to say, this track is definitely a winner. With its quite frankly, lovely harmonies, catchy upbeat melodies and its “Name Your Price” listing on bandcamp, it’s a sure fire purchase, perfect if you like your Punk-Rock with less hardcore and more substance (like myself).

This release also follows off from their smashing album released in September 2015, If You Were Real You’d Do Your Own Stunts. This track, with the easy flowing guitar and repetitive but welcome drum beats has got a definite Descendants vibe, leaving me once again, in-love with the headaches.

Track two of this release, a bonus feature (or a curse, as they describe it), a cover of Bum’s ‘A Promise Is A Promise’. Clocking out at just 02:02, this track is short but sweet, and delivers that rowdy punch that every Punk single needs. It’s a tune to get stuck in your head and they have really done this track justice. I cannot stop singing the chorus!

I think I’m going to take up slam dancing or something just as erratic after listening to this because I cannot sit still. Not Tonight and The Headaches are one of the best underground Punk-Rock bands of the time and one of my favourites on the scene at the minute.

As ever the band stay true to the Pop-Punk ethos of having a good time and not being taken too seriously, which something the headaches have gotten down to a T.

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