Cocaine Piss – ‘The Dancer’ Album Review.

Cocaine Piss – Liege, Belgium.


If you didn’t dress up as a ball of glitter for Halloween this year then there is always next year, isn’t there? Imagine the conversation opener:

‘Oh hey there what are you this year?’ – ‘Oh, so I’m a human embodiment of this Belgian Punk band Cocaine Piss, I represent both their image sonically and visually’ – ‘So, you came dressed as???’ – ‘Someone who equally enjoys Glitter, Punk, and Hardcore partying’.

And then because this’ll be 2017, so in the future and the future is always crazy you’ll mind-link a video across:

Musically Fresh love the band and you can find all our coverage – Here.

And oh hey welcome to Cocaine Piss! Yeah they’re something aren’t they?┬áMusically Fresh love the band and you can find all our coverage – Here – where you also find some other great bands from Belgium.

But this is their new album and it’s been produced by Steve Albini. Now where are our dancing shoes…

‘Ugly Face On’ is ratty and is basically how this one friend I have feels like all the time – resting bitch face on the outside, burning hatred on the inside, I’m not gonna do what you want me to do attitude, long live Punk-Rock.

‘Sex Weirdos’ is still the most bizarre and catchiest song I’ve heard this year, just don’t get caught singing it on a city centre bus, or a train going to London at seven in the morning filled with ‘important’ business men…

The album has grooves, as it should if it’s gonna live up to it’s name. ‘Cosmic Bullshit’ and ‘Plastic Plants’ are you go to for those down and dirty drunk-Punk grooves, the latter opens with the lines:

‘Plastic plants are alright
And they will never die’

alright‘ – such an underrated word.

‘The Dancer’ is really dark but has a message that is spot on, and ‘Average Romance’ carries on this really dark but too close to home undercurrent that wrecks you like tequila shots wrecked you last Friday night. ‘The Dancer’ is as powerful lyrically as it is in it’s ability to knock you backwards with it’s ten-tonne glitter assault.

Cocaine Piss are actually your favourite self-help book. Hate sports? Always skipped out on P.E. in school? Tremble at the thought of getting up to put a DVD on instead of just clicking play on Netflix? Have, ‘Sport Things’.

Worried that you don’t look good enough for society? Maybe you’ve got a date or it’s parents evening or maybe you’re Mum’s coming over, or maybe you actually have a job interview? Have, ‘This Is No Fashion Show’.

But if you think you’re life sucks then ‘Happiness’ has ‘pink jizz’┬ácoming out of the singer like a face-hugger, it must be a Thursday or something.

Glitter unites people. Glitter makes us Punk. Glitter will make you Punk.

Find your sparkle below:



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