Fresh Picks: All Tied Up.

All Tied Up – Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom.


Other than group bathroom selfies the Milton Keynes four-piece All Tied Up play Pop-Punk and in todays not necessarily over-saturated but at least very well populated scene and that isn’t always an easy thing to do.

I caught up with the band’s bassist, Lee, recently and gave him the usual MF grilling (some say its better than a George Foreman) and got down to business with the sound of All Tied Up. Citing Neck Deep as an admiration and a contemporary the band although fans of the aforementioned, see themselves of trying to break away the “copy-cat” Pop-Punk sound of the more American-led genre stylistic.

With their 2013 debut full-length Back 2 Basics you get a contemporary based but often old-school leaning sound with a distinct British twist. The 2016 EP Impossible To Breathe pushes further the vaguely 90s sound with rhythms leaning more to the genres Punk-Rock roots without forsaking the contemporary Pop-Punk hooks entirely.

Focussing on Impossible To Breathe in particular, tracks such as determined anthem of ‘Life Worth Living’ and the break-neck almost Skate Punk of ‘Defects Of The System’ show a more mature band far more in touch with the genres roots than some; something I always look for personally within the epoch. The band also remind me of MF features Not Tonight and The Headaches who you should take a look at – Here.

All Tied Up are in the process of getting new music to the ears of Pop-Punk masses by 2017 as we speak (or you read) and that is certainly something, but why?

Well, you’re never dissatisfied by the band, their sound is strong, relevant and reminiscent at the same time but the real strength is that chronologically speaking you can hear the albeit slow but steady progression, tightening the onward path All Tied Up are treading.

Find the band below:


Matthew Speer

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