These Minds – The ‘Pour Out’ EP.

These Minds – Leeds, England, United Kingdom.


Cover photo credit: Rob Goulding.

UK Punk-Rock label Disconnect Disconnect Records host a multitude of fantastic Punk music on their label, with their own existence and that of the bands they feature testament to the hard work of the underground and alternative music scenes.

But of course, it isn’t just the harder end of the spectrum that’s rising, there is an unequivocal strength in the contemporary UK Pop-Punk scene and bands such as These Minds are well and truly worth your time.

Pour Out is the latest from Leeds exports, These Minds. Sitting at five tracks, it’s hard to deny the influence/admiration of genre currents Neck Deep, Trash Boat, ROAM but also a slight Emo-tinge with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids and more of that “moody” period in music history.

Another strength of the band is the honest aesthetic and gruff vocal work that adds the notable strength to UK Pop-Punk over the more American-led side of the genre. Speaking of which, the band have clearly spent some time in the Pop-Punk archives with lashings of the genres’ Punk and Skate Punk roots increasing my adoration for this release by the note, with ‘Shaping’ as an example.

The single, ‘Emley Moor Mast’, contrasts well and gives you more of what you heard in ‘In My Way’ with a more melodic and Emo-leaning sound which in-turn reminded me of band by the name of Old State, who you can find – Here.

‘Ruin’ has an intro that’s old-school Pop-Punk to a T but with a hint of the breakdown laden, Such Gold. By the penultimate track their sound is well entrenched and throughly enjoyable but it does prompt you to wonder where they will go next.

Closing with the title track, ‘Pour Out’ is perhaps the most “Pop-Punk” on the release but with the somewhat strained vocals and glossy guitar melodies you’re left wanting to hit play again and in speculation with how they will impress you next.

Pour Out is out now on both UK label Disconnect Disconnect Records and US label, Common Ground Records.

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