Missiles Of October: Belgian Chocolate May Be Good But So Are The Riffs.

Missiles Of October – Brussels, Belgium.


(Above) Photo credit: Manu Bxhell.

Belgium is a well known tour spot for British and European underground music. You ask any small-time or underground band they will tell you they wish to go or have actually been, with many of the bands featured on Musically Fresh testament to this. But what of the country of Belgium and it’s own exports?

We’ve grappled with Cocaine Piss and destroyed our hearing with El Yunque but what about the projectile explosives of Missiles Of October? We won’t spend too long on this one but enough time will elapse that your interests are sufficiently peaked. Speaking of which…

With five releases to date and more riffs you can shake a stick at, Missiles Of October have that certifiable Stoner Rock repetition, with drawn-out chugging riffs and a sleazy gloom. Its simplistic but its not trying to be anything else and that’s why it works.

But that’s not all, there some Punk-Rock in there too, as well as a very serious lack of taking themselves too seriously. Making your way through this bands discography you find yourself feeling the pangs of disappointment, not because of what you’re hearing so much but more because you are unable to see it live as you listen.

Better Days was released on the 17th October and as a full length, nigh-on fills the needs of the Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal inclined head-banging stoner to a T. The chord progressions are simple, powerful and driven, providing those neck exercises you were missing from your exercise routine.

The old school Hardcore Punk infusion is welcome and sits well with Belgium’s Punk tradition. The albums title track crunches down on 77′ riffs and a slightly more contemporary melodic guitar line that may be out of place but in the most positive way possible. If you were to pick a track to showcase, as part of three-track sampler etc.. then ‘Better Days’ would be a prime cut, keeping with the lumbering powerhouse of Missiles Of October but showing they aren’t afraid to pick up the pace.

By this fifth release you find that the band have settled into their sound, maturity may be the wrong word for an overall summation but for lack of a better word, we’ll settle for it’s use.

Better Days isn’t a departure but rather a leaning or nod in the direction that could well become a departure. The Punk-Rock is intensified and the stoner/sludge groove is actually morphed into more of a conditioning as the band explore the faster Punk, Rock n’ Roll, Metal and even slight Garage Rock temptations further.

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