Some Pulp – The ‘FA666’ EP.

Some Pulp – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


Ah, Some Pulp. We’ve covered them once before – Click Here – and now it’s Halloween(ish) the band have dusted off those pizza crusts to rock-on about all those scary grrrls who are witches and all of that lark that seems to happen in this general final quarter of the year.

The new EP is super spooky and all – you’ve got that really horny ‘XXX’ rated title track, and then straight into lead single ‘Spooky Kids’ that has a video to accompany it, look:

It’s pretty cool how the band have the got the unwritten “millennial” memo that spooky is the new sexy, I like it. It’s also a good reminder that Punk-Rock has always got your back if you’re worried about dying young.

‘Slasher Nite @ The Miracle Twin’ is obviously about those twins from The Shining being grown up, but now there’s this guy hitting on them and he’s got this issue with killing people but he’s also just controlled by lust, simply because it’s one of those deadly sins that consumes us all only once a year because Halloween is an annual celebration…

‘Megg’ is perhaps the best track of the EP. We all know that one individual who’s a right bitch, but because they’re a real spooky devotchka they’re actually just a real bolshy witch. And you really want to make sure that this spooky devotchka has a horror-show of a time so you start singing this song about how she’s your witch. Maybe you’ll get onto some in-out in-out.

Let’s hope that Some Pulp have an album cooking up so we can all remember those nadsat memories. For the meantime, pour out some moloko and have a chilling November!

Get your freshly squeezed Minneapolis pulp below:





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